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Asana (Posture): One of the steps yoga practitioners experience and practice the most. Asana in Sanskrit means yoga postures, yoga movements to exercise for strong health, supple body, relaxed mental feeling. Pranayama (Breath control): This is the form of concentration and control of the breath, the main purpose is to store the support energy needed to meditate. According to the concept of yoga, the breath consists of external and internal qi, between man and the universe. Pratyahara (Emotional mastery): Controlling and controlling the senses to focus on the inside of the body, avoiding the effects of the outside world.

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Dharana (Concentration): This step is a combination of 2 steps, Asana and Pranayama, which means that when the body is healthy and the blood circulation by breathing, focusing on the current job will become easier and more effectively avoiding being distracted by everything around you.
Dhyana (Meditation): This is the stage of attaining the highest level of concentration, uninterrupted, whole breath, body, feeling focused on one object or image, the mind. tranquility is concentrated so that there is no longer any thoughts left. Samadhi (State of bliss): This state is the culmination of the meditation that yoga practitioners always aim for. This is a balanced absorption, the whole body and the senses are in a state of falling asleep but the mind is fully awake and aware of everything around them.

Yoga is a method of training the mind and body has a long tradition. Yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means “solidarity”, “participation”, “attachment” … Based on the idea of the human mind and body being one that the discipline This yoga was developed to help people improve their physical, mental and xinxing qualities.
The main important thing when practicing this discipline is discipline. For many people, yoga can change their worldview to help calm the mind, reduce stress and fatigue in life, thereby improving health.