When nothing goes right go cycle poster


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Arnie what a beautiful speech, truly inspiring, its so refreshing to see a self made man still being humble and grateful for all what life has given to him. Stay happy and healthy. God, I love Arnold. I was fortunate enough to meet him for a few minutes at the Beverly Hilton years ago. He was as sweet and genuine a person as he is in this video. Oddly enough, he makes me proud to be an American.. Arnold is what determination, hard work and sacrifies every day can deliver success. I’m writing from a little city of Italy and I have had the luck to meet your great friend Franco in Zingonia during a seminary. Arnold and Franco two great men and suc… . I thought it was a great speech it embodies what this country should be about. Arnold – Sir- thank you for this great reminder of how special our country is. We miss you in Sacramento. When nothing goes right go cycle poster

When nothing goes right go cycle poster

When nothing goes right go cycle poster 3

Sir you are very devoted to all the political activities that you are doing these days. I think your best arena that you enjoyed the most was being the Governor of California. You are very involved in the political activities through your University of… . I think is about time Arnold stands for America’s presidency he’s got all the qualities and above all his selfless attitude.. you have my support Arnold . My favorite actor since I was little i would like to meet him in person i wish he was able to run for president. “I’ll take the phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range”” hey just what you see on the wall pal”…. Im respect you so much. I’m deaf mute. I’m only Philippines. I’m not american. Arnie I am sure your chat with Larry Hogan will be fruitful and fun. You will do the honorable thing for America and it’s future, just as you have always done. America is lucky to have you, just as we all are. Continue to be a beacon of light for Ameri… See More When nothing goes right go cycle poster

When nothing goes right go cycle poster

When nothing goes right go cycle poster 2

Salina Chowdhury. can we all just follow the guidelines from the states or countys, and leave it to the experts”?? for now, till we know more about a NOVEL virus. Im in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation per covid, and unfortunately almost no one is wearing masks. That and bars are open and packed.
The sad reality is that many people are selfish, and it’s getting people killed . I always wear my “we’ll be back” mask when I have a medical appt. Tomorrow is my dentist. I always get a smile and a nice comment when I wear it.. Thank you!!! It really does work. Our . Now we know why Gavin Newsom brought all these past governors together to “consult” on the Covid-19. Obviously this was planned out months ago. Thanks for for the deception Arnold.. Strengthen your immune system without a mask and we all will be healthy and survive. That is how it works.

When nothing goes right go cycle poster 1

Regardless his is an amazing actor and producer ! Love all his movies. I think you could be the best choice to America right now.. We love you Arnold Schwarzenegger. You have a good heart and spirit.. Unfortunately he can never be President. He was not born in the United States. The constitution would have to be ammended first.. As a matter of fact I wouldnt mind meeting him in person as well. . I just wanted to thank such a great human being, for the help he gave me in the most difficult moment of my life, thank you gonernador. Arnold Shuasusneguer.. Mr.Schwarzenegger is an inspirational human being..Totally in awe of all he has accomplished with his life and continues to do. Ok and more donkey and pony home movies, pleeeeeeease. . Arnold.. Please get the law changed so you can be president.. hope you had a good bday! check out my page guys for the most epic arnold motivation video ever!

Supporting An America United. I like Arnold as a professional actor but I do not like him as an unprofessional politician as president. Politics spoils people!. I wish I had the money sir it would be an honor to be able to speak with you.. Much in love with Arnie ,the best actor of this generation with a good heart. When someone says California State, I remember you, Arnie, its so sweet. Arnold 4 president he won’t let them down cause he always comes back . Plain and simple the US needs more than a 2 party system.. Even in Australia we know Larry Hogan is a terrible governor… How about restoring some law and order?. Please help l want to see you film’s but no Money to buy Tv and Ds. Where is lulu and whiskey” awwwwww. Its a pity Arnold can’t run for president. The world needs a «President Schwarzenegger». Your words are action and the world
will treat that with respect and honour.

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