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This album is quickly becoming one of my all time faves. Never thought anything could top Red but this is Taylor were talking about, she is a musical genius! . By the way, this album is INCREDIBLE. I don’t even know if that’s the perfect word to describe it but you saved my 2020 because of this album. So thank you, Ms. Taylor. I love you! . You said the albums were “exclusively” available on your website. That was a lie. Here I am waiting for an album that I could have gotten faster and for less at Target.. Taylor Swift, I love how you always buy your own album at target but it’s okay to skip the tradition this time, stay safe always my queen . I already bought both of the copies from target . Brett Potter WASHINGTON REDSKINS CROCBAND CROCS SHOES I can not get enough of this album . Currently have exile on and it’s just the best . Fokelore is a masterpiece



Taylor Swift just saved summer! I love folklore. . Just saw this version of Cardigan, and needless to say, I freaking loved it, I love how in this video, you’re just living out your best life, during times like this, all we can do is live life the way we want it to be and hope for the best, thank you a… . Always excited to have new music from you, Tay! And thank u for this masterpiece. I love every song in this album. Thank you! . We don’t deserve your beautiful art, Taylor, yet you continue to show love all the time. Thank you so much.. Stephanie Viczko WASHINGTON REDSKINS CROCBAND CROCS SHOES Gorgeous video! Love this album! Your voice sounds so good! Ive always loved your music stripped down. Such a beautiful album. Elvia Maria Muñoz This has been a difficult year for me and for all of us Taylor, but once again you helped me to see the light in so much darkness. Thank you for your music. I love you



Will you ship one out to south east Asia?!? Our country closed down for everything except food thingies. .or maybe a better mask than the disposable one?!? . Wow, thanks for the badge. Love you . I love your songs miss Taylor.. notice me pls… Carlo Swift Roma. Because of you, so many words were added to my English vocabulary. Ms.Taylor,I will try to hear my mom your songs,maybe she will get better when she heard this… I want to hate you bec I am super duper addicted on you,,but I can’t..couz I really really really love you so much.!!!. Done, purchased 4 version stolen lullabies, in the trees, running like water and clandestine meetings. Can’t wait to come, thank you for this beautiful albums . This album is really awesome. Make it available on Philippines . Every songs of Taylor Swift was incredibly awesome love every lyrics. I can’t wait to earn and buy your albums


Ive already bought two of the cd’s, one with the orginial cardigan with alternate lyrics, this version of the song which is lovely to listen to & i was holding out for the perfect t-shirt and i found it tonight! The ghostly scene shirt is perfectly si… . James Henry II
My boyfriend bought my the vinyl for this and I’m very excited becsuee it sounds so pretty!. This entire album is so easy to listen to over and over again. I love listening to it on my walks. It’s perfect walks in the Australian winter music. It’s like it makes everything appear shinier than usual. Thanks for creating such a gift for everyone … See More. Literally this album has helped me stay so calm over the past week. I needed this music and am so excited to recieve my order in the next few days . Best thing that has ever happened since March! We have always loved Taylor’s music.. but Folklore is at a whole different level.. I guess Taylor poured her whole heart and being into this..My daughters and I looooovvvveeee this album.

You tols me i was your favorite !. Dont forget to put Philippines on your folklore tour list. . How I wish but anyway, I will stream folklore to remain it on top of the charts! . MAMMEH U JUST MISSED THE LETTER L” IT SHLD BE FOLKLORE NOT FOLKORE. From Philippines . Top Fan ka ghorl. Hehe.. Would it be enough if I could never give you peace? Eme.. ( stream cardigan on YT ) Lots of Loveeeeee . You are the music industry Taylor!!. also don’t forget the Philippines . The Lakes is everything . Hi Taylor! #Philippines. Don’t forget to put the southeastern Asia countries on your next tour.. I love you, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t afford to buy a copy. Love CD , Taylor very nice. I wish I could get a freebie for being a top fan. My mom, sister and cousin are also fans of you! Our whole class is starting to stan you too, queen! That’s how powerful you are and your music

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