To my bestie i love you mug


You music change my life, I love all your songs and I want listen Rain on me.. When the raindrops fell down from the sky, the day you left me, an angel cried, oh she cried, and angel cried, she cried.. Sorry I’m busy on that day The 1975 album comes out then too . Congrats stuck with u is set to be #1 then when Rain On Me hits the chart it will be #1 aswell. This is everything I have ever wanted from the pair of you, a massive summer tune, from my two favourite women in music!! . Just getting ready to listen pure art which will blow away my mind.. Im already looking forward to the song. I hope this ones a dance floor killer. 2 solid vocals 1 beat Katé Arias. Yaaaasss Ari! Give us the vocals! . Let get this single to debut at #1!!!! To my bestie i love you mug

To my bestie i love you mug

To my bestie i love you mug- pic 1

LADY GAGA MY QUEEN OF POP . Ariana Grande always be my favorite singer always and forever I love her music. I wish I met her. cant wait to listen to your new song with Lady Gaga! . Mother Monster . I love you! And the new song!. Can’t wait ! Music Goddesses are coming back . FINALLY!!! A BIG MASTERPIECE IS COMING . Aaron Castorena To my bestie i love you mug The collaboration of the year! . lady gaga feat. The Queen of Pop. The queen and princess of pop. Can’t wait gal u are the truth . With the Queen Lady GaGa. We r soo excited.aaaaaaaaa Play GIF. This will be such an amazing colab . FREAKING SO EXCITED!! FIRST IT WAS JB AND ARI… NOW ITS LADY FREAKING GAGA AND ARI . 2 amazing talents!!. two very beautiful and talented world-class artists.. Somebody know if this song are cooming with video?. GAGA & ARIANA. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Blackpink and Elton John perfect list of legends I say

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HEY HOT STUFF looks really killer cant wait to see looks like i am going to have to step ts to keep up with you guys WOOOOWWW little alien love it miss ya still have to do the lead guitar maybe i can do it there UR ROCKIN…………… do u have… . thousand congratulations baby Ariana has accomplished so many things and in my opinion I expected this collaboration with lady gaga. Hey girl i can’t wait to see ur new song/s even my little sister likes ur songs but i am also a fan of urs and one of them
says tht she is Ariana Grande and u. I really love you very much. I look forward to the song. So Ariana Grande doesn’t reply to any of our comments. The lyrics is, rain on me, rain on me, rain on me, yuh.. the best birthday of my life, i am looking forward, this is the month i was born, and i will have an amazing album as a gift, with great partnerships

Without Ariana and lady gaga, wed be missing a lot of wonderful song. I’m excited This year is going to be the best to listen to your new songs Ariana . They made an album. Can’t wait! . my 2 favourite female singers in 1 song, what could be bad about that! I can’t wait to hear it . I’m looking forward to Listening to your new song ♡. And With Rihanna When???. Same day as the manchester anniversary . italian pop vocalists. So excited!!!! Also, a Manchester tribute??. That portal looks very mysterious, but with Ariana waiting there, I would go through it.. Laura Murdoch ooo yeah. When worlds collide. Ariana Grande saves Lady Gaga’s ass . Rain on Me it was first no. 1 single of Lady Gaga after a long long time. because she made constantly flop after flop and now she hit a score obviously because of Ariana Grande’s massive fandom. Rain on me should b…

i watch sam and kat and victoriouse moments and i love you make me laugh too much especially when you dont understand anything when sam says she’s something i can’t wait for you to redo a series . Hi Ariana Grande! 3 years have passed since that Fantastic concert called: One Love Manchester. Why don’t you dedicate to all your fans a post of that unforgettable moment of music history? W peace, W music. Forever. Pin RoHu Blues. Love you both so much! This song is everything I hoped it would be and from start to finish it’s amazing production with some of the best voices in music. I hope you both keep shining . My daughters and I have been Having a dance party to it for the past hour!!. Awww what a very nice post Ariana! Im so happy you and Lady Gaga have new song and get to collaborate! You both are beautiful and incredible singers! Love you Queen

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