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Mongolia is considered the most powerful empire because the extraordinary things they do have never appeared in history and are also difficult to re-appear in the future. The mysteries of how the Mongol empire could have become so great are still very much curious by far. Let us answer through the article below. The most important shot in golf poster. Mongolia’s military. From the wasteland, over the decades, the Mongols built an invincible empire. In terms of population, Mongolia is just a small country, but they rocked the world more than 800 years ago thanks to their outstanding leaders with a good cavalry who were good at horseback riding, archery and vision. change the world.

The most important shot in golf poster

The most important shot in golf poster 3

According to Business Insider, Mongolia has built its military force to be very professional, creative and always learning new things. The generals of that time were truly master engineers, using all the technologies that have appeared in human history, while the other empires were stubborn and not closely linked in combat. The Mongols are known for their effective combat tactics. Soldiers are trained through many battles from small to large scale. The combat performance of the Mongol army during its peak period under the leadership of Genghis Khan was even more appreciated than the achievements of famous commanders such as Alexander the Great or Hannibal Barca in the Republic. Roman.

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