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I wish I could have some of those cookies. I also want to say that I appreciate your speaking out on politics, and that I am voting for Biden.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have four beautiful grandchildren, and I am so worried about climate change.. So sorry to hear. Thought you had common sense guess not.. Joes going to be on her next break up Album . And I was going to accept your date proposal… You miss out now…. I will always be a Swiftie even if we don’t agree on politics.. I have lost respect for you. Not a fan.. She obviously doesn’t have a good choice in men . Yeah nobody cares. Look what the Democrats have done to CA. Good luck with that… It’s her choice, and we have our own as well. Artist and ordinary people have different views let’s all respect it. Sunflower butterfly crocband crocs shoes



What a masterpiece Folklore is. Wow!. Massive congratulations Taylor!! This is what music should be about the real, the moments, the dreams, the now. Thank you for being so honest and raw with this.. Love it!! Thank you for being such a leading light for so many aspiring artists and sou… . When Taylor is “drowning”, she clings to her music. We put her on like an old cardigan each time she turns up and revel in the familiar, warm comfort.. This is the album I’ve been waiting years for Sunflower butterfly crocband crocs shoes The soft piano, lyric based songs are the strongest by far. Soooo happy to finally have a full album of them . My anxiety has been at a all time high during this pandemic. I absolutely love this album and feel like its going to help me get though. Love you Taylor. . Sue Saidel Taylor cardigan video is brilliant . I’m listening to the album now and it is a true “Epiphany “. Joni Mitchell vibes


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Already in LoVe with this Album – You know Ill be adding this Vinyl to my collection.. Only Taylor Swift could take isolation time and create a perfect album. . This is the best album you have ever made!! So poetic and cathartic. A true masterpiece. Thank you for bringing this joy into my life . Setting on the deck with some of my favorite people and listening to one of my all time favorite musician. Living my best life.. Taylor, this album already means so much to me. This has been such a difficult time. August is my birthday month and the song is everything. Thank you so much . Leah Marie. The best part of 2020. Thank you for everything you’ve always given for your fans. This album is amazing so far . Loving your new album Taylor!!! Listening with my 25 yr old daughter, her best friend, and my sister. The 4 of us always go to your concerts! Due to covid and the concert being canceled this Sat in LA we were SO HAPPY to hear that you were releasing…

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This album is absolutely beautiful. I have always been a huge fan, but this just steps it up a notch, and I didnt know that was possible! I hope there is more like this in the future. Wonderful job!. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve never listened to an album that’s brought me to tears before. I love it . This album is raw, pure, soothing, reassuring, safe, sad and beautiful . I’ve been depressed for the past couple days, because I have been going through a break up. This coming out today has made my day so much better.. Two songs in and I’m overwhelmed, Taylor your music has defined eras of our lives and I’m excited for this new chapter.. The sound is sooooo soothing and good. New genre but not that different from your roots but also reminiscent of your more mature sound. Loved it musically. Cassi Clark Carpenter
This is your best songwriting yet! The imagery is beautiful. So well done!

You think that adults are going to take political advise from you you must be dumber then I thought. Stick to making music and opening your legs.. I love this album and I love you. This is the best thing to come out of isolation. How timely your new album is!
The serenity of your voice, the lyrics, your vocals. SUCH A MASTERPIECE.. You producing an album is the best thing that happened in 2020!. Such an amazing job you did with this album! Loving it! Listening with my daughter who anxiously waited all day for this moment.. This is the Taylor I wanted to hear for so long. Beautiful album . Thank you so much for doing this Stunning Album!. Literally crying my eyes out. This is literally what I needed. What we all needed. Thank you so much.. You okay bro? My wife and i have been listening you since you came out! We love you so much! But Im worried! Are you okay? Its no nice to hear you sing again. We need that through this difficult time! Keep doing you! Love you Taylor Alison!

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