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Id watch this just to support Selena, but we don’t have this service in Ireland.. I love youuuuu and everything you’re doing!! . Does anyone know if this will be on crave for Canada?. try to improve yourself , keep in your mind that a learner is a mistaker. Where can we watch? We dont have HBO Max in the Philippines.. Don’t worry this will be all over till she can do concert again.. WowI so Serbian wow is good to do cooking you should know more cooking how about Portuguese food is a wowla..???. Sorry but that food didn’t look nice at all. I think this may be the best cooking show out there! To see a person who doesn’t know how to cook learn to cook inspires more than a chef show you how to cook and not understand a single thing they mean . A cooking show I can get behind. This is me 100% I can’t wait to see this. I’ve missed seeing her on TV don’t get me wrong I love her music too. I love you Selena. Keep doing you and keep doing the things you love. Sorry but your password must contain mug

Sorry but your password must contain mug

Sorry but your password must contain mug - detail

CANT WAIT TO HEAR IT SELENA , I KNOW IT WILL BE GREAT . CONGRATS SELENA ON THIS AND YOUR COOKING SHOW AND YR COMEDY SHOW COMING UP WITH STEVE MARTIN ON HULU . I AM HAPPY FOR YOU AND WISH YOU CONTINUED SUCCESS , LOVE YOU SELENA. im happy most are positive about the collab. less hate, the happier you’ll be. i live for your smile, i live for your happiness. you gotta prove the others wrong baby!! you got that powerful voice many people cant do but had the guts to hate, lmaoooo. … . And everyone was sure it was Ariana Grande; but look,. surprise its selena gomez!. I really want you to collaborate because you are both beautiful and my smooth is famously tearful.. Extremely excited. I’m a big fan of you and Blackpink so it would be marvelous if the new song’s come out a bit earlier, on Aug 27 which is also my birthday Sorry but your password must contain mug

Sorry but your password must contain mug

She is super beautiful and talented
But I m so . A cooking show I didn’t see that coming . Stunning beauty and and most likely an awesome cook!!. Your amazing!! Have to do a comedy soon, you were great in Waverly place, not sure my son would’nt miss an episode, i think you are very funny . I love the background song, Im trying, Im trying, Im trying”, perfect song for the show. I dont believe she sucks at cooking.. OMG!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR COOKING SHOW. CANT WAIT!! . I love you so so so very much, love from India . Leah Marie
Oh my god Selena you’re a CEO of cooker also wondering how many talents do you have!
Selena you’re an amazing singer. Its So Awesome You Bought Toms Former Home. Always awesome to see a childhood crush turn out awesome. Selena most beauty girl in this world and she now how to cook how amazing CEO of cooking

ceo of cooking!!! . Ive always thought you were just a singer, dancer, actress. But you are also a great chef. You are absolutely an all-rounder.. Baby !! I broke up with my wife a few years back. You are a diamond in the ruff…. I love how you came out of your hole and are now just like me…. You are rare !! & you have so many faces it is amazing to see how much you do change from one e… . She is so cute. I love her so very much and yes I do want to marry her. Selena Gomez is very breathtaking to me.. Im excited I love anything and everything she does. This girl is like so versatile.Would love ya watching cooking.Looking beautiful in candid look.. if I had you in my life as a girlfriend cuddle at night and wake up to breakfast

Nothing worse then a princess that cannot cook something wonderfully delicious.. A beautiful woman coming out showing many talents and growing more . Selena, the most beautiful woman in the world . This reminds me of alex from wizards of waverly places. “Oh no mine is fire”. Haha!!She’s so cute and gorgeous at the same time!. Well thats my next life wife eyes off her in our fairly tale we will be married by birth. You will be a perfect wife . So you’re just gonna drop “Rare” like it never existed and start cooking and release a beauty line?? It’s ok girl!! I still love you!! . I love that “mines electric too……oh no no it’s not!” . she looks so cute and beautiful, so innocent when cooking but here will be our support for her. My gas stove will always be known as fire from now on. Are not you too small and cute for that giant kitchen?

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