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Engineer Harry de la Pena was the first to discover the area’s bizarre radio-interference properties. Pena and his team colleagues found that there were no radios in place. Until now, the TV signal cannot be received at Ceballos and surrounding areas. There seems to be a certain magnetic force here that neutralizes all types of radio and television waves. Since the discovery of engineer Pena, scientists all over the world have flocked to this area with the desire to find the answer to the above mysteries. The Mexican government even built a research center in the area. The strange thing is that, geographically, the Dead Point is just above the Tropic of Cancer and south of the 30th parallel, on the same line with other mysterious regions of the earth such as the Bermuda Triangle. Social distancing greetings 6ft poster. Many people reported that they saw firsthand the saucer and the aliens in this area. In 1976, a German tourist took pictures of flying saucers parked near the magnet hill area at Dead Point. The photos clearly show a giant stew-like object 10 m in diameter with a silver glow

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