Snoopy christmas tree quilt blanket


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I wish I could believe this, but Im too afraid of the folks who see his constant interruptions and calm voice and refusal to stop speaking as strength. She was great, yes – but too many people are going to be fooled by his shenanigans.. He was rude to the moderator and also Senator Harris. He, his boss and all of the GOP feel they don’t have to follow the rules or laws of our land, for that matter. I hope and pray everyone will get out and vote for Biden and Harris. We cannot survi… . Thank you Mayor Buttigieg, for being a voice of reason and compassion.. You have been fabulous on Fox the last two days! I voted for you in my primary and I can not wait until you are our President!. I worked with men like him before in the mid 80s. Come across as this kind highly religious man but have their own special way of demonstrating this to women in their workforce ignoring or dismissing them. Exactly the manner in which Pence treated both… See More Snoopy christmas tree quilt blanket

Snoopy christmas tree quilt blanket

Snoopy christmas tree quilt blanket - twin

Democrats need a better answer for the court question. Kamala Harris was my hero last night. I am looking forward to having her as our next VP! . I would vote for you but Not her. She does not answer questions fully or answer honestly either.. Pence talked so slow, saying nothing, and then expected additional time.. “I’m speaking” -Kamala Harris. We need a new word in our language for the fine art of counter-bullying”. I say we call it “Buttigieging”. She did great! I can’t wait to see more of you Pete… you’re an inspiration and a beacon of hope . Id never actually seen him speak much before. He’s a scary kind of liar. The eyes (beyond the red) something in them is troubling. Trump is off the rails unhinged and Pence is much like a methodical deviant in a movie hiding secrets. I thought she d… Snoopy christmas tree quilt blanket

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Snoopy christmas tree quilt blanket - queen

I love that you have such a huge surrogate and support role!! You were my #1 choice and I hope to see you on a ballot soon! . I kept wondering what Mother must have thought of his rudeness.. She did great. That being said, you’d do amazing also. You are CRUSHING it as a media surrogate. Thank you! Really looking forward to having you around for a while!. She did a fantastic job! I was still disappointed that she had to review her record as if to qualify that she had earned the right to be there, along with walking that line of being strong while still being ‘likable’. We women know these imbalances al… . Keep booking yourself on Fox, you are crushing those interviews!. Why are Twitter and Facebook allowing Trump to spew lies constantly? They need to shut down his account. He is saying incorrect things about Harris and Biden’s campaign and focus —and blatantly lying. He is also bullying Harris calling her a monster. I… See More

Snoopy christmas tree quilt blanket - king

“Maybe the president doesn’t care about other people” – Pete it’s shocking to me that this is something ALL people haven’t figured out yet… of course he doesn’t.. Awesome. Lets take that 90 minutes and let Joe go over his plans and platform…..uninterrupted.. He’s not doing a virtual debate because he’s afraid of getting muted.. If kindergarten students can Zoom with their teachers, so can the president of the US!. This is an amazing response by Mayor Pete. . because he knows a virtual debate would open him up to real-time fact checking.. If trump can’t make the rules, then he’s not going to play. Typical schoolyard bully behavior.. Trump is not updated on the doing any virtual anything. He is confused and unfit to hold the office. He has Failed The American people. He should use his time writing love letters to Kim … How would it be a waste of time if he gets a chance to outline his strategy for the next four years? oh wait….HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY!!!!!!

You are just awesome at this, and clearly the campaign knows it, because theyre sending you out more and more. Well done, and thank God you’re on our side!. I could listen to you speak for hours. America needs you, your intellect, your courage, your integrity, and your kindness now and in the future. I can’t wait till you’re on the ballot for our country. In the meantime thank you for supporting the Biden/… . He will walk it back like he always does he needs the debate more than Biden. Personally I hope it’s cancelled. When will I be able to vote for Pete. Everyone else is managing in the virtual world due to his poor handling of the pandemic, why can’t he?. Love the way Pete plays the hard rights playbook by not letting Fox News journalists talk. However in Pete’s case, he is calm and collective.

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