Singing in a choir makes my heart smile face mask


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I love you selena and every songs of yours.. It hits youre the best. What is coming!!!. I like your voice and I’m waiting your new album . amazing song . Im inspired by your songs but mostly by you youre a fighter, never stop beloeving in yourself and know that you have fans here to support you . Leah Marie Singing in a choir makes my heart smile face mask I absolutely love the rare album! Thank you for being an amazing artist. So refreshing than ever. It seems you are really enjoying. Just loved the song.. amazing song. Finally something good during this pandemic. Queen . Freddy Canales. Wow its awesome . have a good day Selena, it’s always a pleasure to hear your songs . We’re is this… Grand Canyon ? Bye the way… She’s so Hot like Taylor………….. So excited . I love you you’re the best Singer on the world Selena. Omg omg, I am so excited I have been waiting for this since the moment I first heard this song. Love you so much.

Singing in a choir makes my heart smile face mask

Singing in a choir makes my heart smile face mask

Your each and every song are so amazing.You are such an amazing artist. Stay safe at home Selena and always think positive no matter wat happen knowing that GOD is going to bless you one day more then before and more than wat you expected, dont ever think about it again, always laugh at it remember that … . Maurizio Mistretta Singing in a choir makes my heart smile face mask Can’t wait . Queen Selena Gomez I love your voice very talented. Keep it up and stay strong and safe.. Waiting your new albums always rock on your songsfeel melted too my heart…your cute voice. How are selena ? i could write you letters. Don’t feel complexed that you are well know or a star. And i think that letter mode of communicating is better for you than instant communication wich kills the time we need to feel the words. May, Moscow,butter non with panneer side shirt with white buttons.

Singing in a choir makes my heart smile face mask

Singing in a choir makes my heart smile face mask 2

Love the big drum in the background, like the native side of your song . Selena Gomez This is still one of my favorite songs today
I hope the song gets on the set list of your new tour . Absolutely love the Rare album.. Cant wait for music video! . Amazing song dear you are queen of music.. can’t wait to hear it.lots of love selena. I love this song so much. Wow ! Love the song . I was singing this song all day . You are lovely and doin lovely job as always . another great song, it will be just as amazing as the previous songs . Mam if you really forget your past life then stop thinking about it see whats the next is and the song is good. I had several theories until I . Selena Gomez you are my favorite singer to no matter what always remember that

Love you so so much Selena. Always doing good for us. Helping out community when needed! . I really love your new song! Sounds really good. You are always so generous and kind to do something meaningful and helpful. My role model forever. Continue to do the right thing. Support you ! . I wish I had more money to support your cause and buy you clothes . love you selena. thank you so much for always using your platform for good. just ordered a ton from the website. Wow Selena your clothing line is getting better its very good and your songs are perfect you are the best I love you.. Leah Marie
I love you more than anything Selena. Still waiting for you to ship my signed rare cd since it launched… I love you more than anything selena .you really rock it you are such a good singer and lyrics are so graceful.this song is just maginificent

Omg! I can’t wait for the music video to come out I love the new song it’s so catchy . Mohamad Faiq Qree
So excited I will be the first viewer Keep creative I Love you. Your life and name are very inspiring, so the heroine made you my narration, and I elaborated many details of your adventurous life and now I am eager to complete it quickly because you are a big part of it.. Honestly you are most. Cant wait to watch it.Hope it’s gonna be something spendid.. Thats on the same day as my Birthday thanks for the present Selena. Amazing singer. So excited! You are an amazing, talented, brilliant, incredible singer!. Thats why i dont try to fall in love. Too much delay with depression. I can’t wait and you’re amazing singer selena love you darling. Selena Gomez’s you are my everything I love you beautiful women rnb song

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