Shitter's full christmas vacation poster


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I wish i could act terminator 9 with you while Serah Cornor will be the liquid woman. Happy birthday to our beautiful babe princess. What a beautiful girl and a proud (Austrian) pappa! Love the Austrian traditional dress too . So beautiful smile on your faces and so nice message. You love your daughter so much. She is so beautiful. You are very handsome man. Even at such an advanced age you look so fit and healthy and happy and strong and handsome. Happy Birthday to your dau… . Happy Birthday from the U.K. Eight hours in front of you time-wise.. Happy birthday Kristina. Shitters full christmas vacation poster We are celebrated in gym your birthday like own in 1991 ,when I use to live in Belarus!. Imagine picking up a girl for prom, only to have the T-800/Commando open the door to lay down the law.. Happy birthday Christina. And yes they are lederhosen, which is the traditional dress of Austria

Shitter’s full christmas vacation poster

Shitter's full christmas vacation poster 3

Regardless his is an amazing actor and producer ! Love all his movies. I think you could be the best choice to America right now.. We love you Arnold Schwarzenegger. You have a good heart and spirit.. Unfortunately he can never be President. He was not born in the United States. The constitution would have to be ammended first.. As a matter of fact I wouldnt mind meeting him in person as well. . I just wanted to thank such a great human being, for the help he gave me in the most difficult moment of my life, thank you gonernador. Arnold Shuasusneguer.. Mr.Schwarzenegger is an inspirational human being..Totally in awe of all he has accomplished with his life and continues to do. Ok and more donkey and pony home movies, pleeeeeeease. . Arnold.. Please get the law changed so you can be president.. hope you had a good bday! check out my page guys for the most epic arnold motivation video ever! Shitters full christmas vacation poster

Shitter’s full christmas vacation poster

Shitter's full christmas vacation poster 2

Happy birthday to u all the way from Australia.. Love you Arnie you are my favourite actor in the world.. . Dirndl und LederhosenHappy birthday from Norway . Happy birthday! But why are u dressed like that? . She is awsome, congrats…Happy Birthday. Non of your movie will impress me like Terminator 2 , happy birthday and more life to you. Your daughter is very beatiful, arnold!!!. Ive loved you from my Childhood.Your commando movie is my all time favorite in your entire acting.Happy Birthday to your daughter.God bless this family.. I see the lederhosen still fits, but the braces are still needed. She’s stunning ! And almost as tall as you . Happy birthday, Christina! Without doubt you have the great genes from your dad who happens to be my childhood hero back in the 90s . Your daughter is beautiful Arnold. Stay safe! xx. Love the Lederhosen and Dirndl!!

Shitter's full christmas vacation poster 1

Awesome! Just know no one in the world can read this without hearing your accent in the text. Its fantastic! We are ALL blessed seeing our hero on screen be a real person and most importantly, a family man! Blessings to you all!. Mr Schwarzenegger today is my daughter’s birthday as well. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter . Happy Birthday Christina. When dad dropped you off at school when you were a kid did he ever say “I’ll be back?” Asking for a friend.. Happy Birthday from Hungary! . They’re so adorable when they are little and one day they are grown. I wish I could turn back the sands of time and spend more time as I know my daughters are growing up more into young women. Happy Birthday to your daughter and may she have a blessed … . Why am I reading this in your voice lol Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Happy birthday Christina all the way from Kenya,the land of Athletic champions. And you Arnold,during my childhood,your action movies made me wait for chicken to lay eggs and sell, for me to go for cinema, even time to shower was not available. . I spent my childhood watching your movies, was the best times, happy birthday to your doughter Arnold ). Who else hears his voice in your head when youre reading his posts? Both he and Morgan Freeman will forever be known for their voices. . When she leaves your house does she turn and say I’ll be back!” No? Ok. Happy Birthday, from Stamford, NY and I too hear your voice as you wrote it and I read it, God bless. Here’s a comprehensive list of young men with balls big enough to pop to Arnold’s House to pick his daughter up for a date.

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