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A large hole “stuck” in the vinyl wall on the side of the church, about 6 meters from the ground. This proves that the “flying warehouse” had a real blow to the roof. The mysterious flying house in Casey County (USA) The nearly 2-ton warehouse finished “flight” on the roof of the church before landing.  At that time on the church yard there were janitors and her son cleaning, but they claimed they had not seen any unusual signs 2 hours before the incident. Shiba inu nice butt poster. Pastor Jeff Edwards working in the Pine Grove Church said that inside this warehouse, there are only a handful of masons’ tools, absolutely not stocking any explosives. The Casey County investigation team also found no suspicious traces inside the locked warehouse. Texas Eastern Gas Company sent someone to check the gas pipeline of the church but absolutely no sign of gas leak. The National Meteorological Station announced that at the time of the incident, they saw no signs of storms in the town of Elkhorn, nor any traces of debris or the impact of strong winds in the surrounding area.

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