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Ruth Bader married Martin David Ginsburg, whom she had met at Cornell, shortly after receiving her bachelor’s degree in 1954. She had her first child, Jane, in 1955. At the time, she worked at a Social Security office in Lawton, Oklahoma, near where her husband, who was in the U.S. Army, had been posted. She had been rated for a GS-5 job, but when she mentioned she was pregnant, she was given a GS-2 job as a typist. RBG 1933 2020 face mask It was her first experience with on-the-job discrimination because of her gender. While working in the Social Security office, she also became aware of how hard it was for Native Americans to receive Social Security. Both forms of discrimination stuck with her and helped form the basis of her future career.

RBG 1933 2020 face mask

RBG 1933 2020 face mask 2

After her husband finished his Army service, Ginsburg enrolled at Harvard Law School. In a class of over 500, she was one of just nine women. At Harvard, she was mocked by professors for being a woman and even prevented from accessing library materials that were housed in a men’s-only room. In 1958, she transferred to Columbia University when her husband, who had graduated from Harvard Law School a year ahead of her, got a job at a New York law firm. Ginsburg tied for first in her class at Columbia Law School and received her J.D. in 1959.

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