Peanuts LA dodgers ugly christmas sweater



proud to see all those sold out dates ! congrats baby you deserve an entire sold out tour ! ♡. So freaking excited! I was starting to lose hope of ever seeing a live concert and I cannot say how excited I am for my first concert to be yours Louis Tomlinson! It’s just a shame you can only be in Sydney, Australia for one day and that day being ANZ… See More. Daniela Sosa. I hope we can find a way to see you in Houston, TX in July! My daughter and I love your music, and we are so proud of all that you have accomplished over the years. . Still gutted I can’t make it to any shows but I’m so excited to see photos and videos. Mexico needs a second date . How are you doing, Louis? I absolutely love your album, Walls. I’ve been listening to it every day. What a masterpiece. Which song are you most excited to perform? I’ll see you on June 12th! I’ve been a big fan since 2013! Thanks for being such a posit… See More Peanuts LA dodgers ugly christmas sweater

Peanuts LA dodgers ugly christmas sweater

Peanuts LA dodgers ugly christmas sweater 3

One of the best fandoms in the world. “is a solo song and is only for the brave” even if I wish this song to be longer I think that “less than 2 minutes long” adds to it a magical experience and feeling that makes it way powerful ♡. What a journey — it certainly has been fun to watch! The past couple weeks, my little girl and I have been watching One Direction videos, along with recent videos of your solo career (on YouTube). We have become horribly addicted! . Perfect ending for this masterpiece and perfect word for you. I don’t know any other young man braver than you. Congrats one more time . I’m so proud of you thanks for being such an amazing little human. One of my favorite song of the album Peanuts LA dodgers ugly christmas sweater love is only for the brave, well that means I’m not brave but I already knew that, I never have been, but hopefully with listening to your music can help me be braver and better so thank you so much Louis

Peanuts LA dodgers ugly christmas sweater

Peanuts LA dodgers ugly christmas sweater 2

As many ppl this scene touched every piece of my heart. Someday I’ll see you the other side of the door . My favorite album . This scene is my favorite. the whole video but this one really touched my heart. This scene . Every scene is A M A Z I N G. Mine would have to be when the chair and you slowly move upwards on the wall because for me it meant overcoming something and letting the Walls fall down and letting someone or something in.. I want to cross that door damn. This is my favourite music . I love all the video, it is a difficul take a decision . The video of Walls is perfect! He is masterpiece. I really love this song . you are my favourite scene. Eli. Aaah fuck I love him. I loved the whole video. I can’t choose just one

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