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Yes!!!! And we also need to have conversations about the parallel pandemic that is happening right now with mental health stemming from COVID.. As a mental health professional and therapist, I wholeheartedly agree and thank you!. My husband and I love Pete Buttigieg and can see you as a future POTUS. Also love watching you shock those Fox News hosts into silence!. Yes, also, it’d be real cool if the FDA would approve stellate ganglion blocks as treatment for PTSD!. Mental health should be taught in schools. Kids should learn from an early age how to identify and manage emotional challenges. I dont understand why this isn’t a requirement especially for high school aged kids.. Yes!! If we were taught at a young age about boundaries, gaslighting, vulnerability, false pretense and how our culture works against positive mental health, we would never be where we are in this country today. Patriotic Support Appreciation USA Flag

Patriotic Support Appreciation USA Flag

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My family has been hit hard by mental health and addiction issues. Thankfully we have been blessed by extraordinary healing. Thank you Pete for addressing the issue of stigma in mental health.. I’ve spent most of my life working with mental health and developmental disabilities. Some times the law gets in the way of treatment. If a person is experiencing mental health problems some times that person is too sick to identify the illness. I have… . Absolutely. Mental health issues sometimes/often interlink with other issues, including housing assistance, pharmaceutical assistance, veterans assistance and mental disability assistance. It can be a huge bureaucratic struggle that many people are not… See More. Yes we need insurance companies to cover mental health cause that is just as important as physical health. Please try and update the medical insurance to include mental health. Yes, we do need to expand our thinking on mental health! Thank you for your dedication to this effort. We can realize a world without stigma if we apply ourselves. What better way to normalize talking about mental health issues than for our health care… See More Patriotic Support Appreciation USA Flag

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You take medication for diabetes and no one says a thing. Take meds for depression and you are so judged. Such a double standard. We should not ever be judged for taking care of ourselves. Thank you for recognizing Mental Health Day. Love and Kind… . Mayor Pete, you speak the truth. Lets chat. I’m a student nurse midwife, sufferer of depression, and healthcare advocate. Let’s get this stuff sorted. Enough is enough already.. Mayor Pete, Future President Pete I totally agree with you! I struggle and have been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder, self harm, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, OCD, Add, and PMDD. I binge drink occasionally and have been ho… See More. Absolutely Mayor Pete. The science of psychology, well it’s not a real science. And psychiatry is still in the dark ages. And they both are mared by suspicion. Yes it is really about time we moved into the 21st century about both of these studies.

Absolutely! I am a therapist in CA and I believe we should be starting teaching about feelings, coping skills and the importance of mental health right from the beginning!. Absolutely! Thank you, Pete, for bringing this to peoples attention and helping to remove the stigma. Your leadership is amazing!. The lack of mental health services, barriers to care and overall lack of support for families is unconscionable.. We need this so badly! Our people are suffering and our children are dying because of it at an alarming rate. Vote Biden and let’s get this country back in the right direction. Thank you Mayor Pete! I appreciate your stance on mental health.. I don’t understand why mental health care isn’t covered by most insurance.
Or you have to file a claim to get reimbursed since you are paying up to $150 out of pocket in some cases.. As an advocate for mental health with some amazing people on Capitol Hill that worked on a proposal that you graciously accepted during the primary I thank you and would be willing to help in any way possible HR2646 under President Obama was a start…

This needs to happen in civilian, VA and active military. Perhaps my son would still be here if active duty military had legit resources for soldiers to seek help without worry for their job security. We need to end the stigma of mental health struggle… . Amen! My brother is in his 40’s living with my Mother. We’ve called EVERY agency, the police, NAMI, and there’s no help because “he’s intelligent, lucid, and can bathe himself”. “The best we can do is tell you to let him live on the street and maybe he… See More. Universal health care won’t “fix” mental health, but it may help alleviate causal stress triggers if we had broader access to quality healthcare *not tied to employment.. Exactly and with Mental Illness also comes addictions!! We have to change peoples mindset and we have to have serious talks with local hospitals about the care or lack of care for addicts!! We need police reform on handling of these individuals!!

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