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May he be someone else who sees Stephanie for Stephanie.. Jennifer Fagan. My worldview is this: ‘At all times, people are doing one of two things. They’re showing love. Or they’re crying out for it.’. Not gonna lie, thought my girl Stephanie had landed a date with Billy Dee Williams and I was gonna send a virtual high five!. 33/32. THIS IS WHY THIS PAGE IS THE BEST. THANK YOU FOR THIS PERFECT ENDING. And I thought I couldn’t cry any harder over this.. The bonus track on the album we didnt know we needed . Tanya Blossom. Ugh, I almost died reading that last part! “At all times people are doing one of two things. They’re showing love. Or they’re crying out for it.” Everything in life makes a little more sense! Thank you for sharing your story Stephanie!. One act of kindness can change a person ‘s life for ever.. Thank you humans of New York, it’s on this page that we met someone who changed the live of mine and the less fortunate kids I look after, we even built a house now and we are not homeless!! Ma… Owl your butt napkins my lord poster

Owl your butt napkins my lord poster

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Fiona Kukunda Owl your butt napkins my lord poster Congratulations Brandon! Youve just made all the stories immortal. Got mine today, and two stories have already brought tears to my eyes. Plenty of laughter and poignancy for our hurting world. #goodmedicine. Beautiful..these stories have uplifted my faith in humanity. at a time when there is so much bad energy in the world..nothing is more comforting than the acceptance here and that we all matter. Been hooked the entire time. sending you all much love from Uganda, Africa. God bless..xxx. Joan Husmann. Dyuti Gayatri. Picked mine up at Chapters here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada today. These stories remind us that no matter where we are on the planet, we’re not all that different from each other. Much love n God Bless to all Humans! . Got mine today! Husband intercepted it and came in and said ‘This book came todaylooks really good too’ – he’s not on social media so had no clue. Looks like I’ll have to be fighting him for it!

Owl your butt napkins my lord poster

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I got mine today! I was sooooo excited! I read it to my six year old, all meanwhile using our globe . Congratulations Brandon! I hope it hits #1 on the bestseller list. You certainly deserve it. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful stories.. I was unable to get an event signed copyWill there be signed copies available elsewhere?. Ive been reading my copy all day! I’m on the other side of the country, so i sadly didnt get a chance to go to prereleases [and i preordered my copy the day you announced it!]. Karen Melissa. Mine arrived in the mail today!! I can’t wait to read it tomorrow night on my night off!!! Thank you for sharing stories that bring us a little closer to one another!!!. Jenny Kern. I received mine today! It is a beautiful book. Thank you for your continued hard work! And for the good you bring to this world.

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Humans of New York. I didnt expect to get mines today but was pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait to dive in. I support what you do wholeheartedly! Thank you for giving a voice to people who otherwise might never have that opportunity.. Though very far away from New York, I’m eagerly anticipating my copy to arrive before my birthday. Thank you Brandon for opening up New York and the rest of the world to the rest of us who’ve never been. This is my favorite page on Facebook. Keep the stories coming and God bless you abundantly!. Maggie Robinson
Union Square B&N is one of my favorite stores. I’ve been to many author events there and just love the space on its own.
Lesley you are a book slinging rockstar!. Mine came today! This book and these Humans make me feel connected to the whole world. Thank you Brandon, truly excited to read through all these wonderful pages.

im soooo glad people stepped forward financially, but honestly – that’s the best ending ever.. Madison Raggi
Stephanie’s story has been amazing. This entry literally gave me goosebumps and I’m a bit choked up.. I was having a few drinks in Australia tonight and don’t normally drink gin and then tonight this! Celebrating her journey from afar . oh best 33/32 ever! this makes my heart happy! Look at her smile!!. At all times, people are doing one of two things. They’re showing love. Or they’re crying out for it.” That is one of the most beautiful distillations of the human condition I think I’ve ever heard. WOW. That’s going into my file of quotations that ha… . This is the best epilogue, I have read in a very very long time.. So happy you two found each other! Many estranged parent-child couples don’t. Take care of her, Mitch you are all she has.

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