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The case against Notre Dame is really similar to the case against the entire 4 team playoff. There are 130 division one teams. Every team has a fan base, some strong, some not so strong. Nearly all these teams are in a conference where teams compete for the conference championship. The CFP weakens the conferences, dismisses the conference championships as meaningless, and diminishes 126 teams out of those 130. Ohio state crocband crocs shoes Fact is that the CFP is meaningful only to the media and to a handful of fans supporting the year over year contenders like Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and a few others. The rest of the teams are spear carriers who die in the movie as cannon fodder for the handful who can contend. Notre Dame is even worse. They earned a berth this year. Underfeated and played a respectable schedule. That said, as a standalone team they are not representing anybody but themselves. For me the CFP should be a matchup of conference champions and no others. If your not a conference champ then you stay home. Notre Dame should join a conference or stay home.

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