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I will say it melts my heart when my 14 year old is still excited about a new Taylor album. Teenagers go through so much finding who they are. But the music always centers her. Thank you for this the timing couldn’t be any more perfect for everything s… . @taylorswift I feel like these songs were made just for me!! You have always been there with me throughout my life experiences and you sure didn’t fail me this time. I almost cried listening to cardigan . Anyone else a little worried about her and Joe after a few of the first songs? Loving the Bon Iver collaboration!. The 1 is the one. . Loving this album so far! Classic Taylor with F Bombs and a dose of reality. Jeep crocs shoes crocband . You should stay out of politics dear because your view of this country and the reality us normal folks live in is far from anything you could possibly comprehend. Stick to writing pop songs and following your satanic cult all the way to Hades dear



Waliesha Moat. As a working American and small business owner, I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment on this election, but Ill still listen to your music.. I disagree with you,Taylor, but we all have our reasons for why we vote for the people we vote for.. I’ll be cheering her on as well. She is a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman. Just like you. Rock on!. I liked you back when you sang songs and didn’t try to influence your fans. I don’t care who you vote for but I don’t want a musician trying to tell me who I should vote for either.. Thank you for being a voice of reason in these crazy times. You’re an inspiration to many, especially my daughters! . I hate when celebrities get involved in politics!!” -they write angrily, as they vote for a failed reality tv star. You are voting for a man who on video distracted adults away from a distraught little girl, as he slipped his hand down for a nipple pinch. Jeep crocs shoes crocband



Fame made you a recluse; I used to idolize you because you gave me hope. But your not living in the real world. Sorry not sorry. So much hate in just 4 minutes. Isnt it sad how a country is completely divided in a time where we should support each other. A vote doesn’t define you. Please be kind.. Look at those cookies! Great using your voice to spread the work to vote.. Should get with it and just say go vote. Instead of spreading bias. Besides, that’s opposite of what you claim you’re fighting for.. Great decision T S your vote will not be wasted . Your choice of men over the years does not yield high confidence in this selection. Good luck, enjoy the debate.. Same here Taylor! – From your hometown in PA. PS love your new album.. You continue to be an awesome role model for my girls! Thank you!


Your taste in the wrong men really shows . Thank you for using your voice to produce absolutely beautiful music, but also using your voice to spread awareness about voting, and voting for Biden and Harris, two people that will unite the country amidst these really troubling times. You are showi… . All these people hurt because she supports Biden. Wowee. And I thought we were supposed to be the snowflakes?. Chic, you are so clueless! Stick to singing about your dysfunctional life and leave the politics that have a brain! thank you..carry on!. I dont have the same political beliefs as you do. But I still love your music. okay we get it miss swift you’re a politician not a singer anymore . I love your music, songwriting and know how much you do for people which is wonderfulbut
To quote Alice Cooper:. After the election you can write a new song, call it “I was wrong “.

Well, I will not be voting for Biden, because of his value system. I too will be watching the debate, cheering on Mike Pence, an honorable man, and I think I will make some cookies too!. I thought you were a smart girl guess I was wrong.. Demi Lovato is better than you. I’m just here to see all the people disagreeing with her choice and feeling like they need to voice their displeasure. Stay bitter you haters.. You’re a smart girl. I’ll never understand how you can support Biden. Dont forget that celebrities are allowed to express their opinions like all human beings . I agree everyone should vote but don’t let celebrities sway your decision. Do your own research.. Ok she has her own political opinion, but can we all agree to do our own research and not base our vote off of who a celebrity is voting for?

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