Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster


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Apparently Im not the only one who wanted to read his obituary – I think we crashed the funeral home’s site.. Tara Radke. Adaeze Christlene Nwankwo. This absolutely needs to be a movie, it’s the most amazing story I’ve heard in a long time and I want to see it on the screen!!!!. Love your children. This is a life lesson right here. Love your children so they don’t have to grow up with that big gap in their heart. More than a life adventure story, this is a lesson to us parents, to love, to nurture, and to always be there for o… . Oscar loved Stephanie. Ronnie loved Stephanie. Thousands of people love Stephanie. Both people you’ve met, and people you haven’t.. Yep this is the one that got me. Made me cry damn it. You could love somebody w your whole being and have to leave because they aren’t good for you. The amount of strength that takes but the amount of sadness she must have felt and carried and that eve… See More Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster

Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster

Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster 3

The unfolding story of Humans of New York” has taken a new turn with this sharing of Stephanies story and the fund-raiser. Brandon seems to follow his intuition and his heart in how he pursues this path, and the results have opened the hearts of ma… . WE love Stephanie. Stephanie the amazing storyteller, the wise cracker and the timeless beauty. The one who risked vulnerability to tell the greatest story I’ve ever read!. In the endall we truly want is for someone to know us for US and truly love us and make us feel safe. I love that she still sleeps with his teddy bear. I hope she find peace and know that she truly is a remarkable and amazing woman . Claudia D Acosta. Gloria Delić. I would love to hear from Carmines family ! He may not have said exactly who she was but I’d be willing to bet he talked fondly of her to his family as his special girl ! I wish she could have went to his memorial Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster

Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster

Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster 2

im soooo glad people stepped forward financially, but honestly – that’s the best ending ever.. Madison Raggi
Stephanie’s story has been amazing. This entry literally gave me goosebumps and I’m a bit choked up.. I was having a few drinks in Australia tonight and don’t normally drink gin and then tonight this! Celebrating her journey from afar . oh best 33/32 ever! this makes my heart happy! Look at her smile!!. At all times, people are doing one of two things. They’re showing love. Or they’re crying out for it.” That is one of the most beautiful distillations of the human condition I think I’ve ever heard. WOW. That’s going into my file of quotations that ha… . This is the best epilogue, I have read in a very very long time.. So happy you two found each other! Many estranged parent-child couples don’t. Take care of her, Mitch you are all she has.

Husband and wife ice skating partners for life poster 1

David Tee. Vanessa Chiasson. Muffy Marracco. The city used to seem a lot brighter, fuller of opportunity, and like you could almost taste the excitement in the air. In the last decade, it just feels dreary and like people are doing the best they can to just get by. It’s depressing.. This is exactly, precisely right. I grew up in New Jersey in the 70s and 80’s and loved New York, went in often. But then, after a while away, I visited about 12 years ago and was horrified at what it had become; I used the same term for mid-town: una… . Kelsey Mooring
This is the truth that Humans of New York is bringing to light! There are Stephanie’s all over the world & in our cities. We’re so busy moving fast we don’t look back at who can’t keep up. . I first went to NYC in 1981. I visited often, this country kid from Oklahoma, and lived there from 2005 to 2012.

Humans of New York
Today is the final day of Stephanies story, meaning we’re also nearing the end of our fundraiser. The purpose of this fundraiser is to compensate Stephanie directly for her story, so that her healthcare and financial security are ensured for the remai… . Emilie Dodge. Not everyone has a family.” That’s what a lot of people seem to forget. Not everything has to be for families. What a fascinating story, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.. Even though we are strangers – you have family. Family in Brandon, in those of us who you allowed him to share your story. I hope, sincerely, you know that you, your story, your life, are loved and cherished. And I hope you never feel lonely again.. I feel this is a commentary on the entire world right now. I’m not in New York, but I feel this so hard. And I have a family, and even I don’t want eveeywher to be family friendly.

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