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Before they had today’s modern starting gate, there was the rubber band start, and before that was the flag start. The rider had to put his left clutch hand on his helmet, with his bike in neutral until the starter waved the flag. Geoff calls it the “begging you to cheat” start. Fox racing crocs crocband clog. CZ riders would cram it into gear without using the clutch. CZs also had steel fenders that would eventually crack simply due to engine vibrations. Cycle Craft in Santa Cruz, CA made replacement fenders from fiberglass. It was Preston Petty who made one of the big advances in the sport when he invented plastic fenders.

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If the rider was good, a local pro could basically make his living by racing every weekend. Many of the early pro riders also worked as carpenters during the week, which made their hands and forearms strong. Bob Grossi also rode his bicycle to work everyday in order to get in better shape. In the early 70s Swedish doctors released a study saying that motocross was the second most physically demanding sport in the world behind soccer. Fox racing crocs crocband clog. Everyone that raced MX learned of the Swedish study and it made them proud to be a part of this tough new sport called motocross.

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