Cycling no matter how slow you go poster


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Go to vote or miss out or do some gym body; it depends on you hhhh. Why cant good or decent entertainers stay out of politics? As people have said this vid is about voting, if so why would you have Mrs treason has the headliner. Why not someone who knows the importance of voting.. He was the governor of California, home of pedowood, of course he’s a Democrat, why are people surprised? Actors, you know, act.. Why is this lady talking. Your time has passed. Vote against racism Cycling no matter how slow you go poster Vote for Equality. Arnold has NEVER been an ethical man in his entire life. Those that follow and look close know this. You can also ask the mother of his children (all of them). No need to call that Mrs. Obama Kevin Hart, it goes by Michael. them you are my men and you are my beautiful woman kiss you everry one

Cycling no matter how slow you go poster

Cycling no matter how slow you go poster 3

I’m not even American and that makes me want to vote lol. So sad I cant vote cuz I know who I would cast my vote for. Michelle Obama. She could have one more vote if europeanz were allowed to vote. This case I can do nothing else but keep my fingers crossed. Trump get tramp.. It’s not a tough choice, so you want the pro-rioting, pro-looting candidates or do you want the pro-American candidate? How about that Joe Rogan debate democrats? You guys think Biden can keep up with Trump for 3 hours without a teleprompter? Without b… . Arny looks like no one agrees with you. The people are tired of the Democratic Mafia!. I was wondering why Big Mike was on my feed.. Michelle Obama is the face of division Arnold. You could use a host of other people, but looking at her disgusts me. One of her most notable victim moments, moving to a white” neighborhood and complaining about “white flight”. Does she know what “b… See More Cycling no matter how slow you go poster

Cycling no matter how slow you go poster

Cycling no matter how slow you go poster 2

Where did you find a tree big enough?. Good morning from Italy. he would make a great President. better than what you have so far…. Safe our Belarus.. Watch out for exploding trees. The Great- Larry Scott my friend said to keep an eye on you Arnold prior to his passing in 2014! I know Larry Scott sure appreciated your friendship!!!. Slovak political leaders have information from me that we must stop global warming by 2030.
The Paris agreement is not enough !!
It is warming faster than we expected.…
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Tenor. Ive been watching Australian news and it’s very interesting how well informed and non biased they are on our political climate…they really see what’s going on ..sad they pay more attention then most Americans to what the parties stand for… Hi, Arnie, I need scholarship to study for a Science degree in a Western University. I’m on Amazon Kindle Store as Agba Kodjovi. Please do take a look.

Cycling no matter how slow you go poster 1

What a legend you are Arnold. My idol. I hope as many Americans will vote as possible, that is freedom, that is justice One Vote CAN change everything. Many kindest wishes from England ,UK . These comments paint a pretty great picture of why your country is in the place it’s in.. Remember these are all just puppets of their masters. Simon says stand up they stand up, Simon says sit down they sit down.. As a “ brown “ Indian American , and wildlife zoologist – it’s the Dems we vote for !!!. Me seeing Arnold: Yeah!!! Me finishing reading the rest of the post: No.. Hahaha Arnold and the predator!. I need your cloths, your boots and vote.. Theses comments show what’s wrong with a country I used to love. Wonder if big mike can bench press more than Arnie.. I’m glad to see in these comments there are alot more awake people than I previously thought. Gives me hope.

Dude Arnold is the equivalent of having Tanya Harding speaking lol. Great messages and videos Arnold Schwarzenegger yes. Hes again pissing against wind. JOKE.YOU VOTE IN PERSON WITH I.D. ….MICHAEL. Give up the struggle……Old Arnold…….. I don’t think so Arnold. Arnold’s brotherhood followed money, and neither Obama nor Obama did I understand a story. Arnold you where my idol from 7years old until early adulthood. You gave me strength to climb from being raised poor to becoming a self made financially & mentally successful man. Your latest swing in politics contradict the principles you protected u… . You’re entitled to your opinion. But there is no way in hell….. Michelle Obama has more brains and class than stupid people are able to identify.. Arnold please come 2 Kenya one day we a your fans. I support Arnold Schwarzenegger campaign. I will not vote for a man starting to show signs of Dementia

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