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Your pets are funny and gorgeous Arnold!. Thank you for sharing Arnold. And Lulu is adorable..I also wanted to thank you for responding to me earlier. That means a lot to me thank you. Such a cute puppy. And I love the donkey and mini horse. Nice household!. Cycling it will hurt poster. My Collie and young donkey love each other! So sweet together!. I’m getting two baby pigmy goats in September (I’m so excited) I have a Kelpie who is totally in love with my ducks, well in love with rounding them up. I hope Marvel (dog) will be more loving then cunning towards my new found lovelies. By the way Lulu… . I love you and all you do! I have 2 mini donkeys! Two little girls Doughnut and Sprinkles! They would love Lulu,!. Arnold.. What an incredible Daddy you are to three beautiful creatures.. Keep us updated! X. Aww so cute , whata happened to the shetland pony have i missed something.

Cycling it will hurt poster

Cycling it will hurt poster 3

Bro Ronnie Coleman, Brandon Curry all won the same comp you did. We have the same opportunities as one another just different starting points and different guidance in life. You dodnt get where you are now based on your skin color, you worked your ass … . Well, now that this thread has calmed down Like I said earlier, equality is important to all people. However, it is important in how it is achieved. Where I worked there was great racial tension. Cycling it will hurt poster. It ruined a perfectly good work environment. Yo… See More. I have a lot of respect for you, things have yo change, I respect the fact you came from Austria learned English and built yourself up to be such an inspirational man, I dont live in the US but I wish you were in the United Kingdom because your a man o… See More. When the multi millionaire explainers surrender 90% of their fortunes, I’ll begin to pay attention.

Cycling it will hurt poster

Cycling it will hurt poster 2

Just love the way your pets have the run of the house, my Shetland pony Daisy would be inside all the time if she could too. They love to be where the action is . Mr. Schwarzenegger, could you please run for governor in Massachusetts. Gov. Charles Baker! A.K.A Charles Faker! Is the most worst governor in Massachusetts. And this state is becoming too misty! We need a terminator . You must recreate this between Dutch and Lulu! It would be epic! Play GIF. Where is whiskey?. I love all your videos!!! They bring joy to myself and everyone who watches them! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I cant wait for the next one!!!. So sweet! Love seeing them all look so comfortable! My girls are sleeping the sleep of comfy dogs this morning! Miss Morag, a standard doxy is belly up, and Quinney Mini is the same, draped over the edge of her favourite chair!

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Think its a bit late but happy birthday boss.
And I saw iron mask last night you were awesome. And I loved the part where you let those brothers go.
Excuse it not being article related boss.. I’m not American, but Arnie has used his celebrity with great intelligence, particularly on climate change. Yes, he has his flaws but I have total respect for him as he becomes wiser with age.. I really like him I think he’s a wonderful actor just as well when he was Governor of California. . I WISH TO LIVE UNDER THE GOVERNESS OF MR, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.. Is it the same as with having once been president – once a governor, always a governor?! Arnie may not be without flaws, but the older he gets the more effort he puts into making up for them. And for this, he truly deserves respect. He could just sit b…

I agree absolutely with you. If America does not listen to your proper statement, our country can fail.. The Govenator makes far more sense than anyone in the clown show of an administration. Keep up the good work and leadership Arnold. Kudos.. You story is one of the most inspirational things I have come across in my present day!! You remain phenomenal. Judge people by their character not color.. The issue is theres a bigger picture now more than ever people want to be the victims as it gives them a purpouse and gives them a reason to fight for something and then the creates a narrative that sounds good on the surface which then makes people pi… . You’ve been in California too long. The moons reflection cannot be seen clearly in ruffled water. But when the water surface is calm a perfect reflection of the moon appears. So with the mind. When it is calm you see clearly reflected the mooned face of the soul. As souls we are reflect… See More

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