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Please come back to the music industry Riri you are missed. Your song Love on the brain” is just EPIC! . A unique voice. It is irreplaceable. Offer us more of ur beautiful songs. Long time not listening to your new song. Rihanna is one of the most beautiful woman in the planet , , Ive lived to love her since my teenage. I Love You Rihanna but it’s time for a new album you’re already beautiful call me later. Good Afternoon sweet girl how are you Rihanna am one of your groups fans I love your songs because you are looking so beautiful sweet girl I like your new songs to you guyso now thank you God be with you and God bless you all the time. Rihanna is beautiful But I am not for drugs. I am against that. I dont know If she is using it, But I’ve heard that Classroom why art poster

Classroom why art poster

Classroom why art poster 3

RiRi is the sexiest woman on the planet; attitude, drive, confidence, independence, and wherewithal.. I dont like your music Rihanna coz am jealous with any man that had you but to be honest you are my life dream baby mama to be. We all love you art work. Can’t wait to smell it Classroom why art poster Miss u Rihanna. Yes beauty is not all about looking good but being healthy . It’ s the reason why than you never come out not any album It seems me that you forgot your public who loves you so much .. BEAUTIFUL as Always, definitely have to support, when I get some extra funds . Don’t you want to reveal about new era. I’m waiting for your new album everyday and everynight. All that is cool and all but we’re still waiting on an album . Thank you for making planet-safe packaging! It is always so nice to see a company try to be sustainable!

Classroom why art poster

Classroom why art poster 2

OMG! Its The RiRi! Love, light, abundance, happiness be into you beautiful soul!!!. You are a beautiful prinses everbody loves you and your beautiful make the world beautiful miss Rihanna. Great business with great products but one thing still remain and that is the perfection of your spirit as you may say this with me. Lord JESUS forgive my sins and cleans me and accept you as my personal lord and savour in christ name. That means you… . Honestly, can’t wait to try your skin linemainly because I use Fenty Foundation. It’s the best foundation I’ve ever used! Hands Down.. Wow dedication. Drive and a understanding of her customer base. She is a great C.E.O. continue success. You make us so proud. You are growing and it shows. I buy your products I have sensitive skin. But hopefully you can come out with a skin line for women in their Fabulous Fifties and Savvy Sixties because some of us are trying to age gracefully lol.

Classroom why art poster 1

hi my best girl my favorit music from you. He was a great man, lived a long natural age of longevity, probably joining Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali in the grave right now. Matter of time before all elders pass on their legacies before the next coming generations. RIP, xx you have done so much in life, I wish I had meet you, what a great brother you were to all folk. Yes, thank you Rest In Peace! Your work is done.. He was a great example for all of the peoples. And everyone person are equal in eyes of Gold.. You ha e fought a good fight .. you kept the course .SIEP Sir John Lewis.. …Rest Easy Father,u gone but still living.. RIP big men you are a part of us we are brothers and sisters you may be in foreign land but africa is your home. Yesssss thank you John Lewis gonna miss you I grew up watching John Lewis and MLK Jr.

See what I cant get down this is going to be in the business or it’s it’s personal. Dude enough of this bulshit write another song or get out of the music game! That simple. I love your products. I wasn’t much of a makeup person, but your products changed my mind. Take my money, please! Can’t wait to try these cleansing products.. Did Nicki ask you to promote her pink Friday album?Nicki put you up to this!. When i am excited to see in South Africa. Are there any male moisturising products or all feminist?. New song baby. Have you stop singing?. Chioma Onah. Before this Fenty Make Up line She Released New Album every Year or every 2nd in a row and now We’re waiting almost 5 years, C’mon Girl We are Ready, Just Drop it out Finally!!! . We are waiting a new release album South Africa love you

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