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The Cubs’s history is one that simply doesn’t attract many haters because they have been successful enough to be disliked but have not won enough to be hated. Take a team like the Cleveland Browns. Since the first Super Bowl in 1966, they have yet to even reach the championship game, in the 90’s they were relocated to Baltimore, and since a new Browns team rose from the ashes, they have continuously been one of the most embarrassing franchises in sports. Chicago cubs crocband crocs shoes The thing is, they’ve suffered too much. Enough that people pity them too much to hate them. The Cubs have had their fair share of suffering including being cursed by a goat and missing a chance at the World Series in 2003 due to fan interference. So they are pitied. But unlike the Browns, they are not an embarrassment. They have the 6th-best winning percentage in MLB history. Americans like winners, but they also like underdogs. They do not like however, a team that doesn’t stop winning nor a team that is always an underdog. The Cubs have had a balance between winning games but not winning championships. They are truly “lovable losers”

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