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Along with bows and horses, Mongolia’s most powerful weapon may be their wide web of communication. Butterfly types poster. From the very beginning of the throne, Genghis Khan decreed the creation of a horse messenger service, called “Yam”. The system of postal stations and healthy horses that can travel for up to 322km day is tightly organized and widely distributed in the Mongol empire. As a result, goods and information are transported at lightning speed. Yam helped Genghis Khan easily keep up with military-political developments and maintained contact with spy and spy networks. In addition, Yam also has a role in protecting foreign officials and traders while traveling.

Butterfly types poster

Butterfly types poster 3

The cause of Genghis Khan’s death and burial place is one of the mysteries that many people care about. Butterfly types poster. There are many theories about his death from poisoning, malaria, old age, injury from an arrow shot in the knee … Some claim that he died in 1227 from his injuries from a fall. horse. No matter how Genghis Khan died, he was very diligent in keeping his resting place a secret. According to legend, his funeral procession massacred everyone they met on the way and then rode repeatedly across his grave to erase the traces. His mausoleum is most likely located on or around a Mongolian mountain called Burkhan Khaldun. But to this day people still do not know the exact location of Genghis Khan’s tomb.

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