Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster



There is so much frustration about us. Glad everyone can let it out. I would suggest we all turn off the hearings as it is just a political spectical that will end with confirmation from the conservative senate. Why get yourself upset about it? It is l… . No the republicans wouldn’t even let them have a hearing, so boo who to the crooked republicans that are pushing this through. Shameful fundraising is necessary to run a country.. Not a bit.. Typo! This should read, ”flip the House.” The Senate is fine! Please correct!. Michiganders vote for John James!. Disrespect would be refusing to consider Judge Garland. Flip the Senate and increase the Congress DOWN BALLOTS…. Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster Play GIF. Having you and President Obama on board has gotta help, big time. Please do NOT VOTE JORGENSEN, that will only help the CORRUPT DONALD TRUMP!!!. Enjoyed your talk with Theresa today!. Where is the support for Amy?

Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster

Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster 3

Republicans are the ones packing the court. ! Joe Biden needs your help in Iowa! I believe that you can be the game-changer for Iowa.. Nah partner its BlueWave all day now. Obama is a statesman, he continues to care about our country. Real Presidents do that; continue to be of service volunteering or giving paid speeches. Trump will never be that kind of man.. Like republic cans questioned Merrik gardener. Donated! Flip the Senate . We miss you Mayor Pete!. If they won’t set any term limits, let’s vote these pukes out every couple of years. Isn’t that how it was originally meant to be? Serve a term or 2 then go back home and farm or make shoes or something?. I have already voted.. Flip the Senate with Pres. Obama…!!. Pete must be getting some traction- the trolls are out in full force compared to the start of the year Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster

Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster

Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster 2

He just denied aid to California asking for federal emergency relief from the devastation from fires and ongoing care needed for the forests.. Pete, I appreciate your being a team player. Thank you for wholeheartedly supporting #BidenHarris2020. I know you will have a vital role in the new administration in 2021. #ivotedblue. He’s doing fine. He and his friends made a ton of money as a result of this pandemic.. To be clear on 45: None of those dead people are him, and *hes* fine. That’s the first and only thing that matters to him.. More importantly, DJT has no *interest* in keeping us safe. He could not care less about the American people. His malignant narcissism has harmed so many.. Yes, I’m voting for Biden, but it would have been (and one day will be) an honor to vote for you, Pete.. We needed Hillary four years ago. For the love of America, please vote for Joe and Kamala.

Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have a nice poop poster 1

I feel like Chris was mystified about how this was just a calm, soothing conversation…. Pete could talk a grizzly-bear, down to a teddy-bear, ….i swear. I love Pete! He makes so much sense in a year where most things don’t make sense.. I’m hoping for Secretary of State Pete Buttigieg. I just finished the book. Wonderful!! Well written and meaty. Gives me hope…if we respond.. When we start asking a question about Can a President pardon himself?” There is a lot of criminal behavior and profiting and no one is stopping it. I dont understand what happened to our society, but i am ready to move to a more civilized and loyal … . Trust is built through Truth …good luck with getting that from the GOP….. Pete is so brilliant, thoughtful, and articulate. He is a true leader.. I read “Trust” this week, it was excellent, really makes you think!

Drumpf believes that if he says something enough times it will be true, but the power of positive thinking doesnt hold up against the things that a president must lead and oversee. When we’re dealing with very important matters that each person must r… . I worry that even if Biden is elected we are still stuck on the current course with this administration till January.. I think Trump insisting on having his rallies while the pandemic is starting a second peak, should be a criminal offense. The American people deserve so much more. Trump the malignant narcissist has a wicked case of L’etat c’est moi” — and many of his cult followers are happy to feed that delusion. HE is fine, so in his severely myopic view, “we” are fine. He cares about no-one but himself, not even his imme… See More. I’m traveling by air for the first time since early February. It’s comforting and I’m getting quite used to seeing everyone in face coverings trying to be safe and get some semblance of their lives back from the passengers to the airline personnel to t… See More

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