Beware of democrats shirt


My two favs Jb and ariana . Me lss in in this song after the release of the mv and even downloaded it. Sml Ari and Justin . We love you so so much Ariana. Have a good day/night. My favorite singer i like the song Ariana grande desde PERU.. Bay. Its another great song of yours. . i thank yu for the song yu made up thats name is dont call me angle because some people said i am a angel but they are just jelouse of me. This song is art!!!. I saw you once in concert last year in December. You made my birthday I wish to thank you in person and say hi.. Miss the honeymoon tour so much . How ma god Ariana this is so freakening lify i think this is so gonna be best song that can make you a have a grammy award Beware of democrats shirt

Beware of democrats shirt

Beware of democrats shirt- pic 1

Ariana I just want to say something I am ever since I watched your feet the favorite show on nickelodeon victorious and Sam and cat dared to be recommendations of you the fun cat and the serious cat Valentine I love everything about you I appreciate you helping the community out with things and I love your music so much if you want to reach out to me you can I really appreciate you being there for all of us and specially during this Quarantine. just became a top fan periodt. This was an amazing song and it was a genuinely amazing idea to help a charity . Sylwia Pawlak. I love that song Ariana have been my inspiration and my role model ever since she realized that song ALMOST IS NEVER ENOUGH. i was fortunate to get the song and i love it so much. one of the most beautiful songs of all time. Beware of democrats shirt

Do you love it? Beware of democrats. Buy it today before lose it forever.

this is immensely amazing thank you so much for everything. I am also a medic – Slovakia – Europe – thank you so match . I am Exited for the song to come out
i love you Ariana Grande . the male and female artists of my life! . omg!! i cant wait collab your with justin will be the hottest hit billboard on the world. i love u angel . so exited ! i want to see Ariana ft. BTS too :)) and what she does for the covid-19 is amazing ! . I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain. You’re such an angel. I’m a firefighter in Pennsylvania, and I’m a HUGE fan of you. . Ok I like the intentions (no pun intended) but how do you ruin one of my favorite pop artists? By slapping JB’s name on it. Collab of the year

Does anyone know how to reach team Ariana? Or ArianaGrande? I wanted to share a portrait of Ariana Grande drawn by my daughter. She would love to send the portrait to Ariana.. I love this song l play it all day stuck with u Ariana l love u and you are my inspiration. Id even go to the trouble of recording an album if I could be stuck with Ariana Grande. I hope it’s hand signed to make it even more special like the song and not digitally done with a machine pen . Just bought it yesterday . Was hoping for a signed vinyl but this will do . I’m so sad I can’t get this in Australia:(. I am crying
…it is only for US
and I am an INDIAN
…I wish it was there for other countries too…. My niece and I are so disappointed
we also wanted a signed CD… But only for US

Amy Grabowski
Great cause!!thanks again mr Bieber and ms Grande. It’s soooo good. Bought the single and a face mask w the awesome alternate cover. Baby . See my lady Arianna soon. Smarter, bolder, lovely lady.. Ari beautiful voice beautiful singer . Ariena your voice is best i love u and your all songs. We stan a queen who take actions in this time of pandemic. We love you so much. We will debut at #1 again.. Ariana grande inhalation in coronavirus. U are sooooo amazing. Not all can do that.
And by doing all that inspire us to try and give back even though we dont have enough to give to the country, community and so on. . well to B honest ur musics r so ledgit but i was wandering if we could sing together u no lyk.God songs it gonna B cool. they both have an amazing voice

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