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A politician and reverend who can separate church and state? Takes true strength of character, wisdom and humility.. His opponent is a corrupted cheater.Insider Trading on Wall Street.. PF Melton. Lawrence Deng Beautiful black woman dope poster Bernie, I hope you will endorse Jon Ossoff as well. We need 7-8 seats if we are to win back the Senate!. Is there a list of Bernie endorsement per state? Need it for Illinois!. His integrity is what will make him a good senator; it has nothing to do with him being a pastor. Since his 2 biggest opponents are Loeffler and Collins, he has my vote, hands down. He will be getting my vote!. Thank you!!! Vote Blue!!!. Derek Westlake Progressives in action. One by one we will create a Progressive Party. No big money donors or lobbyists.. Now I know hes not the right person for the job. Thanks Bern.. Araceli Barraza Well if Bernie is endorsing a reverend, you really gotta know the opposition must be pretty bad

Beautiful black woman dope poster

Beautiful black woman dope poster 3

How long will the regressive left and the Democrats establishment keep racism alive?. Thats what wish for but you and the dems are the real racist democrats never wanted to end slavery and you stil want to control black lives. Just lie and make empty promises. Democrats screwed up again by not backing Bernie. Biden could lose to Trump like Hillary did. Dont want to see it but people really just listen to sound bites. The dems don’t respond to lies and mudslinging. When Bush campaign questioned Kerry’s serv… . The new era the Evangelicals support. So sad this is what America has come to.. We the people watched, talked for a while and you do exactly what we said you would, wave the raise flag. Shame on you , you know President Trump done more for All Raises as Democrats ever done. Come on man!. Just think the democrats used to have slave’s back in the slave days you think that’s changed Beautiful black woman dope poster

Beautiful black woman dope poster

Beautiful black woman dope poster 2

You spread so much bullshit Bernie. Such a privilege to know you wil never be the president. Trump has condemned racism several times now and apparently, according to this feed anyway, none of your supporters do much reading or researching (much like y… . Robin Eastick. I am happy to teach you Chinese so you guys can learn how to interact with your master in the future.. They really fucked you in Texas and cali. I thought voters suppression was just in house of cards.. Proud Boysgo home and change your diapers….come out again when you have matured more. Im sad you werent elected by democrats. I don’t like the extremist socialist sistem but i agree with most of your ideas. At the of the day we all are humans and need each other. The rich needs the poor as the poor needs the rich, we all part of a sist… See More

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Scott Bryson
He was behind in the poles in 2016, how did that work out for ya.
Get your crying face on.. Wow it was the left got caught throwing out ballots all over the place. Youre so full of it. We know its impossible for you guys to win based on the polls but you’re going to lie about that too. So no were.not going to let you rig the election. Sorry.. I’ve been voting for almost 50 years and I have never once, until now, been worried about my right to vote.. That’s just it. He is running against more than Biden. It’s a plan to have socialism. We must not allow that to happen.. That sounds hilarious coming from you Bernice! . There’s been ballots found in dumpsters, thrown on the side of the road, etc you can’t blame somebody for getting on edge wether your for Trump or Biden. I am voting in person so my ballot counts.

Thank you for continuing to speak out Bernie. We need you now more than ever before.. It’s pretty frightening for many people in the country and the world.. Biden isnt exactly a perfect angel. But he’s. Slightly better. Than the orange eyesore.. I can’t help but wonder if last nights antics changed anyone’s mind about voting for Trump?. Proud boys are made up of all skin colours… Doesn’t stand by” typically mean something like “await further instruction”. You nailed it uncle Bern!. Tim Hartman. Always with the racism, let it go no he’s not. He denounced the proud boys there, Biden didn’t denounce Antifa, so who’s really the racist here. Sit down Bernie, your done old man.. should of had Bernie as our president this man was the only good candidate. Proud boys is not an organization, it’s an idea. From Switzerland I really hope people in the US will make the right choice.

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