Time Spent With Sewing Machines And Cats Is Never Wasted Poster

Time Spent With Sewing Machines And Cats Is Never Wasted Poster

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“He was at all times the guy that became attempting to get different teammates to stay and do more,” Hester observed. “I be aware any time somebody would are trying to depart like correct after we obtained performed, he’d be like, ‘hiya, what’s the frenzy, you don’t want to get stronger nowadays?'”

‘don’t simply cage yourself’

It changed into the identical thing in Tampa Bay. Shepard remembers when he first bought to the Bucs in 2013 and Jackson took every rep, even with the scout group.

“Seeing him work and shut up, and each person else become simply bitching and complaining because [then-coach] Greg [Schiano] had his iPad running like crazy,” Shepard said. “It changed into a hell of a first influence looking at this multimillionaire go out there and grind like he was nonetheless attempting to make the crew.”

Shepard credit Jackson for shaping their observe habits.

“Mike Evans did not like to observe when he first obtained into the league,” Shepard pointed out of the No. 7 standard pick in 2014. “Now he works his ass off. The most effective cause he’s like that nowadays is as a result of Vincent Jackson. He watched V-Jax take rep after rep after rep.”

Time Spent With Sewing Machines And Cats Is Never Wasted Poster“He turned into probably the most influential player I’ve ever come across in my career,” former Bucs WR Russell Shepard noted of Vincent Jackson. AP photo/Butch Dill

Jackson knew how to have fun, too. Considered one of Shepard’s fondest recollections turned into when Jackson invited the extensive receivers to his newly made over South Tampa domestic for dinner and that they have been eating in the backyard. Jackson suddenly disappeared.

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“He comes back a few minutes later — he’s on desirable of the god rattling pool condo roof and he jumps off the roof into the pool,” Shepard stated, laughing. “And here is like within the center of the season. And we’re like, ‘V-Jax, are you crazy?'”

When the Bucs have been getting ready to play the Minnesota Vikings throughout the 2015 preseason, Jackson purchased a child-sized Adrian Peterson jersey and signed Peterson’s name on it, gifting it to Shepard, who idolized Peterson, telling him it turned into for his son, earlier than confessing it changed into a prank.

“V-Jax and all of the guys obtained bored with me speaking about him,” Shepard observed of Peterson. “[Jackson] turned into so serious the entire time, but he become a large jokester, man.”

however Jackson’s ideal impact on Shepard became helping him put together for all times after football. Jackson started his own actual property funding enterprise, CTV Capital, in 2012 before earning his bachelor’s degree at the tuition of South Florida’s Muma school of business in 2016.

Shepard bounced concepts off Jackson, which ended in him founding his own waste administration company in Houston, Shep Boys Waste management.




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