Some Women Are Just Born With Bunies In Their Souls Poster

Some Women Are Just Born With Bunies In Their Souls Poster

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Proud dad Lee defended the observe.

‘This a normal thing, here is how we reside off the land. Some individuals could name it merciless, but we’re now not wasting them and we’re doing it for survival,’ he stated.

He introduced they’d make a ‘decent stew’ out of the rabbits, that could ultimate them for a few days.

despite the fact, viewers have been no longer too impressed with this family looking travel. Some said they may have simply gone to their native supermarket.

‘For survival. Is stretching it a little bit,’ one noted.

‘They just go trespassing and hunt the place they want, illegally,’ stated an additional.

‘All that messing about to capture a rabbit … Simply go to Tesco and buy a chook,’ one joked.

Sophie, pictured along with her chum Chanel, left, referred to horse dealing was greater of a person’s video game, however that extra ladies were getting worried

‘If killing rabbits that don’t belong to you makes your day proud then he’s now not price it,’ talked about yet another.

‘that you could buy 6 chook fillets in Aldi for 4.99…Simply sayin,’ one wrote.

‘super he’s going to kill rabbits and traumatise his daughter,’ a further observed.

in the meantime, at a horse reasonable in Hampshire, organised in a native traveller family’s farm, new horse dealer Sophie became hoping to sell one in all her steeds.

‘I’ve had horses all me life, however driving is a man’s online game, no longer a girl’s online game,’ she talked about.

‘guys constantly go on with the horses and the girls tend to reside at domestic with the little ones, cooking and cleansing. But further and further women are becoming worried with it,’ she brought.

Sophie, a mom-of-one, takes the horse to the fair to showcase it, and is certain to strike with her ‘woman’s touch,’ thanks to her female horse.

Sophie, pictured, at last sold a horse to yet another lady at the fair, pictured,  for a price she became happy with

Viewers had been now not impressed with the unlawful hunt, and some spoke of the family unit may simply get meals at the local supermarkets

‘She goes more to a girl than a man, it be really a woman’s contact, or not it’s a girl’s world now,’ she joked.

‘We’re hitting it for the girls these days,’ she added.

‘Me being a lady, i may sell it or try to sell it to one other girl, however on the conclusion of the day, i could promote to whoever can get me the highest quality bit,’ she referred to.

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Some Women Are Just Born With Bunies In Their Souls Poster

The feminine horse she took to the farm changed into priced £5,250, and after a woman spotted her at the fair, Sophie is hoping to make a superb promote.

‘Fingers crossed I get a promote, if I do not, I do not, she comes lower back domestic,’ she mentioned.

The unnamed woman inspected the hooves, teeth and hair of the horse, before agreeing on a proposal.

‘It was that girl would not purchase horses, it turned into all the time the man, however it’s decent that we’re nowadays in a position to do the deal woman-to-women, woman vigor, we’re doing it now,’ she observed




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