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Asman said her family has not done a service party before, but Jordan’s brother and two sisters were very excited to help their big sister.

“Jordan is a very good example to them,” Asman said. To my daughter Sometimes it’s hard to find words to describe how much you mean to me Mom fleece blanket

“She can be shy, but she is a good student and works hard,” Asman said. “She didn’t want to make a big deal of donating to the shelter, but she just wanted to do it because it is a good thing to do. … When we give back to the community, it helps us feel a part of it and makes the community a better place, not only for my family, but others.”

Brandy Buie, marketing and fundraising coordinator for Cabot Animal Support Services, said the shelter relies heavily on donations and community support.

“Daily operations at the shelter are an act of love that demands a large amount of dedication and time,” she said. “It’s extremely important to teach children the value of social responsibility that comes with volunteering in their community.

“Volunteering is beneficial to the animals, as well as the children, by teaching responsible pet care and the benefits of and need for animal facilities.”

Buie said that when Asman emailed her regarding Jordan’s request, it got her thinking about how young children can help the animals, while also teaching them the needs of animals while they are at the shelter, and the construction of enrichment activities was her first thought.

“While the animals have visitors and are taken for numerous walks and field trips weekly, they need something to entertain them during lulls or after close of business,” Buie said. “Enrichment activities help alleviate the stress that comes with living in a shelter environment, while also stimulating their brains to help them cope with the lack of mental activity.

“Jordan and her friends designed and built the most amazing kitty flirt poles we have ever seen. The cats and kittens absolutely love them.”

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