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Wolf Kisses Fix Everything Shirt, hoodie, tank top

I don’t mind hanging with commoners because I am one. I know exactly what class I belong to. Here’s what I (and probably a whole bunch of so-called elites) don’t and will never have in common with the teabag movement and causes me to dismiss any chance of commonality or similarity with them: guns and racism.

I see people showing up at political rallies with guns and a sign saying ‘I didn’t bring my gun to use it – this time’ (a paraphrase but darn close) and I know I have nothing in common with those people and don’t want to meet them. I see people carrying stuffed monkey dolls with Obama written on their little monkey hats and I know I don’t have anything in common with those people and don’t want to meet them half way. I see a teabagger with a sign that not only uses the word “nigger” as a pejorative but mis-spells it (how stupid do you have to be to mis-spell your most degrading racial pejorative?) and I know that’s not a crowd I’m going to build a bridge to because I don’t want them as friends or allies.

That’s not elitism, that’s common decency on my part. I’m not going to culturally devolve or pretend to, to win over those people. They’re a fringe elements of the political spectrum; I think they’re dangerous bigots and I do hold them in contempt for it. That’s their fault because that’s the image they cultivate and maintain.

If there are teabaggers that aren’t dangerous racists then they need to disassociate themselves from those that are unless they also, as part of the larger group, want to be dismissed as dangerous anachronisms the society left behind a couple of generations ago.

COMMENT #49 [Permalink]… Disillusioned said on 1/21/2010 @ 3:37 pm PT…

The teabaggers are just people that left the GOP, and the GOP is courting them to come back.

By and large, they are stupid/ignorant/uninformed/wrong (take your pick).

I don’t see any benefit to courting the teabaggers.

Sadly, a lot of their fundamental anger is based on truth: That the government is fucking over the citizens in the name of bigger government and more powerful corporations. Unfortunately since the GOP is courting them, you can be damned sure that message that unites the teabaggers will never actually be acted upon.


Wolf Kisses Fix Everything Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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