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Who runs the world Girls shirt, hoodie

“But every time I see some raving lunatic waving signs, shouting poorly considered rhetorical tripe that could make a Stalinist blush, while planning to “retake” a country that was founded, wisely, on the notion of the seperation of Church and State (argue the nuances all you like but Ben Franklin alone has a wealth of quotes about the leadership of organized religion you really don’t want me to start dredging up)”–Yeah, the Founding Fathers didn’t want a theocracy–congratulations, you won that argument before it even started. Who you won it against, I’m not sure, but take heart in that you won.Nor did they intend for a government that protects each citizen’s right to never, ever see or hear the word “God”.

“Then we had to go and screw things up with Iraq which, essentially, became what al Qaida had dreamed Afghanistan was going to be…”–Iraqis have voted in free elections and are going to do so again soon. While they are killing American troops, we’re killing a whole lot more of them than they’re killing of anybody–us included, and Iraq’s neighbors are starting to reject them and their ideology, such as in Syria and Lebanon. This is not what Al-Qaeda dreamed of.

Bin Laden himself made his position clear–Al-Qaeda will continue attacking us until the entire United States converts to islam, withdraws all support from Israel so they can kill Jews at their leisure, completely dissolve our Constitution, jail all our homosexuals (yeah, like being in prison is gonna stop ’em….), remove all women from any job where they may interact with men, and pretty much adopt shari’a law.

Or, of course, until they’re all dead.

COMMENT #182 [Permalink]… Big k said on 12/5/2005 @ 12:48 pm PT…

Here is an example of what I am talking about. The British still think Iraq was looking for material for banned weapons, and here is a page of their report on the lead up to the war. This is obtained from their web site, they still think it is relevant. That Sadam was looking for this material. By the way, the French, the Russians, and the Germans thought the same thing. Merifour, enjoy the pictures.

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