White Lies Matter Impeach Anti Biden Shirt, hoodie

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White Lies Matter Impeach Anti Biden Shirt, hoodie

. At density level 4 a new Universe appears, less dense in the number of stars, and in the density of matter itself. What else has changed? Some stars will be in the same positions, but the luminosity may be different. There are stars in new locations, but quite are few missing. In fourth density, the density of the Universe is less in comparison to third, our level. Mankind thought that light is a constant, but in fourth density light has a velocity approximately 17 times faster than in third density. Time is progressively slower in fourth density than in third, but to an entity in third density it seems the same. When the frequency is moved density level 5 the velocity of light is squared from the speed in level 4. Time slows down in proportion. When light leaves a star in the Zeta Reticuli system, which is 38 light years away. It takes approximately 1.6 months for light to arrive at Earth in fifth density. All next levels repeat. What controls this? There is a subatomic particle, which is not known to most of mankind. This subatomic particle controls the resonant frequency of the atomic structure, where matter and energy exists. The more the subatomic particle increases in proportion to the affected mass, the resultant frequency becomes higher. Higher dimensions are created at certain frequency break points. Each level is a Quantum leap for differentials in time and the speed of light. You are now pondering to yourself, what does all this mean? Some potential applications are, traveling faster than the speed of light, making it possible to have surgery without breaking the skin, and the ability to transport matter to different locations instantly. The ability to pass through solid matter in 3rd density when in a transition phase move to or from 4th density, and the ability to manipulate the flow of time are some of the benefits for density shifting.

To perceive an abstract idea of time differentials that is between the densities, let time in the fourth density be represented by a sine wave completing one cycle with a wavelength of equal to the distance A. The amplitude of the sine wave will equal to a number represented by B, and the amplitude also corresponds to the vibrational rate of matter and energy in the fourth density. Both A and B are constants. Now I will compare a fourth density time sine wave form to a third density sine wave and observe the differences. In the third density, the time sine wave now completes 17 cycles in the same space governed by distance A. The amplitude of the waveform is .0588B or 1/17 its original height, and corresponds to a lower vibrational rate of matter and energy in the third density (Earth Plane). If you were to unravel both sine waves into a straight line, one cycle in fourth density and seventeen cycles in third density both would be equal. To the entities that live in each density, one cycle of the sine wave would equal one unit of perceived time. Therefore one day in fourth density is like seventeen days in third.


White Lies Matter Impeach Anti Biden Shirt, hoodie
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