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You and your nitwit friends are so lazy there is a proposal in the House since Oct for the retired to receive 3%. It is called: H.R.8598 – Emergency Social Security COLA for 2021 Act. So this is an emergency that you guys go home but not finish your jobs that we pay you alot to do. All you do is talk and act like you are doing something. Have a merry Christmas all you no load worthless liars.

 Do you really think Biden is going to give us more in Jan 2021? LOL, They are just gonna screw the American citizen, and our grandkids will be paying the price later….NEVER trust the government is going to help. One of the richest countries gives out the least amount to its citizens other countries have put us to shame with the help they have given their citizens they should put us to shame

Businesses closed never reopening. Mine closed for good. Toomey has made sure he’s comfortable. Voting their own pay raises is worth a
Million and would have the audacity to tell us to get a JOB!!?? WHERE?? Playing games in the midst of a crisis with people’s lives. Too disrespectful stubborn or stupid to realize government has NOTHING they haven’t taken from us. I have never voted for a Democrat but if I was in Toomeys district I’d run myself or vote Democrat.

Vet Tech Language Personalized Tumbler

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