To Fish Or Not To Fish What A Stupid Question Shirt, hoodie

To Fish Or Not To Fish What A Stupid Question Shirt, hoodie

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To Fish Or Not To Fish What A Stupid Question Shirt, hoodie

“We’ve been doing stuff for bands since the ‘70s and maybe into the ‘60s,” Giaouris tells me over the phone. “We’d make stuff for, say, Sly And The Family Stone. And I’d see people coming into the store like Iron Maiden. There were a lot of bands that came through. Anyone who played a gig at the Gasworks would sit on the patio with their pitcher of beer after soundcheck. They’d look across the street at this leather store. They’d wander in. If you wanted black leather and studs, we were the place to go.”

Adventurous clientele brought with them adventurous tastes. Leather Craft was more than willing to meet their needs. “If there was a trend, we were the first to hear about it because people were coming to us,” Giaouris says. “We had a sign in the window since my dad’s time and it’s now printed right on our current signage: ‘name it and we’ll make it in leather or suede.’ And, essentially, if people were unable to find it anywhere else, they’d come to us and say, ‘Hey, can you make this?’”

That’s pretty much how Giaouris recalls what happened when some prospective buyers wandered in with dreams of a leather getup complete with huge nails poking out of the hood and shoulder pads. Hey, can you make this?

Answering that question took some engineering. “The nails are giant,” Giaouris recalls. “They’re real nails, they’re made from, you know, those big spikes that they use to attach your eavestrough to the side of the house.” He’s not kidding. Giaouris bought the nails from a hardware store. He gave them a spritz of spray-paint to ensure they wouldn’t rust. Getting them to stand required an elaborate setup all made out of leather.

Giaouris, one of the nicest and most patient people I’ve talked to, explained the feat of leather to me slowly, like how a NASA scientist might explain space to a puppy. I’m still not sure I get it. No matter, the rig worked… for a bit. “And, basically, what ended up happening is that with all the motion, [the nails] started flopping around anyway,” he says. “You can see in some of the photos that they’re not standing up rigidly. They did initially.” Hey, happens to all of us.

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