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Shale oil exploded in spite of Obama’s policies which limited oil and gas exploration on public lands and his opposition to pipelines to bring the oil to market. Trump is not bought by the Saudis. Trump worked diligently with the Saudi to encircled Iran, you know the world’s leading state sponsor of global terrorism. Now with the possibility of Biden being POTUS, Iran will now be appeased again and Biden will try to eliminate fracking in the USA. Hope you like $5 gallon for gasoline.

On a daily basis in your state contact your republican legislators and demand that they ” DO NOT ” certify this unfair election ( seriously this does make a big difference ). Fraud has happened in many of the swing states in many of their county’s there has been more votes cast than their are registered voters PA , MI , WI , GA , AZ , and NV . The republican legislators in the electoral college have more votes than the democrats and they can simply deny electing biden or trump with a no vote because of this unfair election and that would leave trump in office for another 4 years.

President Trump has worked very hard during the pandemic. Almost everyday he was at the press briefing with his team. No other head of state had worked with such intensity and vigour. He was the lone crusader against the media that wrongfully portrayed him as a villain to the rest of the world. Very unfair and sad. The climate on this earth has been changing since this world was created. The climate doesn’t listen to politicians, scientists, or the Weather Channel. The one who created our world and our climate is in charge.

Sunflower Bless Our Home And All Who Enter Poster

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