Stuck between IDK IDC and IDGAF Cow Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Stuck between IDK IDC and IDGAF Cow Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Merifour…The obvious amusement of a non-Christian lecturing me on how I’ve strayed from Christianity is not lost on me. Since you have NO CLUE what you’re talking about, I’ll clue you in.

Christianity DID in fact come from Christ (go figure). And was later perpetuated by his apostles (again go figure). So you’re argument is already lacking. But I’ll continue. As opposed to Judaism (which segregates men and women in the church), Christianity allows them to sit near each other. Except for Catholicism, the other sects allow women to be preachers, pastors, etc. Man, I see your point, we ARE patriarchal. I’ll ask my female pastor who leads our mostly female congregation for forgiveness for ruling over them with an iron fist, from my authoritive post in a pew (just like all the others) in the middle of the church.And you’re correct the apostles realized there would one day (almost 2 millenium in the future) be a feminist movement, and chose to have a woman have a baby. Before then men had traditionally had the babies I suppose. I mean, come on, how far out can you get.Coincidently, almost all of the good movements in the US started in the church, de-seg, womens rights, etc, go figure. God, we’ve gone so far away from Jesus’s example, with all those prostitutes we no longer stone, and the women who we gave the right to vote. What heartless humans we are.

Next time you’re going to put forth an argument about what bad Christians we are, please make it a tad more substantiative than “You guys suck.”

COMMENT #127 [Permalink]… Big k said on 12/1/2005 @ 5:38 pm PT…

Fare thee well brother Kenny. Until next time.

I would love to debate you in a religous forum sometime. I think it would be fun.

COMMENT #128 [Permalink]… Merifour said on 12/1/2005 @ 6:12 pm PT…

#8 is right on. The last sentence is so true of what has happened on this thread. The Truthseeker will receive the answers to the questions. Those that seek Truth will find it. The others will be forever ignorant. Many here know my beliefs as I have stated them before and they are mine and only mine. I take full credit. The ‘offended’ ones are having their belief systems challenged and that is not a comfortable place to be, as evidenced by the many that feel personally attacked by my statement. I do not see where in my post that I made a personal attack and many of the statements that are attributed to me, I simply cannot find. I do not respond to ‘trolls’ unless I agree with something they said. They are simply not worthy of my time. M4



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