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I have a much loved friend who happens to be French, he told me decades ago that all countries collapse. Being the proud American I said “not here” boy was I wrong..Thank you for sharing this website and information! My respect and admiration for Rick and his sharing his faith grows daily!

‘Every person created in the image of God is sacred and should have a voice ‘ that includes the unborn child created in the image of God should have a voice in this election. Abortion will tear apart that baby and silence that voice. Vote pro life

Thank you, Steve, and everyone taking this crucial action! The current administration and supporters have turned the US into a third world country. Part of living in a third world country is risking your life to vote. I’m 70 and this is incomprehensible to me!

I don’t think MLK would of approved of the Democratic Cities that are rioting, looting, ruining everything in their paths. I could never vote for this. I don’t think these are Democratic ideals. And now we have the Hunter Biden scandal.

Stepped Up Mom Definition Mug

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