Stay Trippy Little Hippie Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Stay Trippy Little Hippie Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Sometimes it seems like nothing in life is going your way, but these very unlucky people are sure to make you feel much better.

A hilarious online gallery collated by eBaum’s World has revealed a serious of disastrous incidents shared to social media, which are bound to put your own life into perspective.

The unfortunate mishaps include one unlucky person who found a spider waiting for them when they went to brush their teeth, and another who spilled an entire tin of paint in the boot of their car.

One had their car vandalised by an angry ex, while another accidentally smashed an entire bottle of red wine on the floor of a shop.

Here, Femail reveals some of the top examples of people who really are having a bad day.

Revenge is sweet! This angry ex got her message across after vandalising the side of their cheating partner’s home

Just a pinch! This home cook ruined their dish after spilling an entire pot of pepper on to their fried egg

An unwelcome visitor! This person wasn’t happy to discover a spider hiding on top of their toothbrush

Oh snap! This driver was less than pleased when their key broke in half as they tried to start their car

A little to the right! This unlucky person was inches away from their deliveries remaining dry from the rain

Pasta disaster! This home cook wasn’t pleased when the handle fell off the pan and left their meal scattered across the floor

Careful wet paint! This social media user shared a picture of an entire can of paint which had spilled across their boot while driving

Screw it! This user was disappointed to find their cork had remained in their wine bottle after attempting to open it


Stay Trippy Little Hippie Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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