Stay home drink bourbon and pet the dog Pitbull shirt, hoodie

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Stay home drink bourbon and pet the dog Pitbull shirt, hoodie

I must say, your attempts at an apology are nice in and of themselves and for that they are accepted. Please, in the future refrain from questioning the faith of those you disagree with. Honestly, you lost me right there. I can have a debate with anyone willing to talk rationally, even if I get infuriated with them. But questioning my faith is something you cannot do as a Christian. It is simply not Christ-like, and though I am glad you are reading your Bible, if you missed that part, you should read it again.

To get more to the point at hand, yes, Jesus spoke against the Pharisees plenty of times. Because they were hypocrites. They were waiting for the Messiah to come, and here He was, but they were hoping to hit the reset button and see what else they could get. Again, not the �peacemaker� they were looking for, so he told them in no uncertain terms that their whole way of life would be destroyed (which it was), they would be scattered to the four winds (which they were), and they would lose their inheritance from Abraham (which is why we are Christians, not Jews). All showing he was not there to fix their temporal problems with the occupying force that took over their land.

It could be argued that Jesus was �liberal� enough to tell everyone they can achieve Heaven and that perfection of the individual is possible no matter how much they have fallen before they die. Liberal in this sense being stretched to mean He was an eternal optimist. But make no mistake, He had no tolerance for willful ignorance. Accepting abortion in any terms amounts to this. Sorry. You are wrong.

Mosaic law, you should stone homosexuals since this is an abomination of nature. Does not sound very liberal to me.

Also, sex without the intention of having a child is absolutely forbidden in Mosaic law. Hence, having an abortion later because the child would live a life where it is not wanted is null before it begins.

All that is in Exodus. I suggest reading for understanding, rather than finding some hidden meaning in all this. You can get in a lot of trouble that way.

COMMENT #154 [Permalink]… Big k said on 12/3/2005 @ 2:49 am PT…

One last thing before the boon of sleep overtakes me for the night. Ann is a lawyer, you can bet your britches she is not advocating a killing. For if someone did it and cited her as the reason she would be in real hot water. She is not that dumb, whatever you think of her. If someone has been threatening you, they are doing this because they are stupid. Wholly unable to make a clear point in any other way they lash out with these idiotic overtures, that since you continue to post here and elsewhere, I am glad to see you have been able to circumvent any danger.

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