Some Teacher Pig Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Some Teacher Pig Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Facebook question. This is a fun one. Have you ever met a celebrity — and you can’t say me, you guys, OK. Have you ever met a celebrity and we’re completely starstruck? Katie, I’m going to you first. I bet it was a country music star.

PAVLICH: It was. It was Reba McIntyre.

GUTFELD: There you go.

PAVLICH: She’s my favorite. Good job.

GUTFELD: See, I knew that. I could see that coming. Juan, again, you don’t say me. What celebrity did you meet and you were completely starstruck?

WILLIAMS: Well, I didn’t quite meet him. He was across the room. It was Michael Jordan, the basketball star. And I really wanted to meet him, but I was so starstruck I’m not going to make a fool of myself and, you know, crashed through the other people to get to him, but I really was. That’s — I really did want to meet him.

GUTFELD: Jesse, you can’t use the one that you used before about the basketball player who refused an autograph.

WATTERS: That’s what I was going to tell, Alonzo Mourning.


WATTERS: Center for the Miami Heat. I saw him at the Four Seasons at the bar. I worked up the courage to go up to him to ask for a picture, and he told me to get lost.


WATTERS: It’s like — and I was pretty famous at the time, so it was even more devastating.

GUTFELD: You know, it’s probably because he knew who you were. He was like, that’s your fame.

WATTERS: Yes, maybe.

GUTFELD: He goes, that’s the guy. Tucker, you’re like you’re already super famous. So, do you even get fazed by other famous people?

CARLSON: I don’t have any sense of that. I’m just — I’m caught up in how poignant that Alonzo Mourning story was. No, I haven’t met very many fam



Some Teacher Pig Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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