Software Engineer Definition Funny Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Software Engineer Definition Funny Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Software Engineer Definition Funny Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Richard J. DellaRosa 9 The Great Zapruder Film HoaxASSASSINATION RESEARCH / Vol. 3 No. 2 � Copyright 2005 Richard J. DellaRosaWhen the alterations were made to the Zapruder film is not clear. There appearsto be concurrence by the authors that some were done the very weekendof the assassination. But since the film was withheld from the public for sometwelve years, there is no way to know when and where other modifications wereaccomplished. This all nets out to the authors� assertion that the extantZapruder film is not an authentic representation of what occurred in DealeyPlaza on 22 November 1963. It does not concur with the descriptions of theclosest eyewitnesses. It is not merely an altered film, but a total fabrication. Infact, the extant film may have been constructed using not only Zapruder�s film,but other films taken that day. This may account for Zapruder choosing such apoor POV

�he may have been a decoy intended to distract attention from othercameramen concealed nearby.For a relatively small cadre of researchers, the Zapruder film alteration issue ismoot. They have seen another film of the assassination�a better quality film. Adescription of it is reproduced in Appendix E of this book. These fortunate folkshave seen a film which closely matches the eyewitness accounts, and is verydifferent from the extant Zapruder film. This �other� film shows the limousineturning from Houston Street onto Elm Street; it shows the limousine coming toa full, yet brief, stop; it shows a man stepping into the street with fist raised�possibly a signal for the driver to stop; it shows two shots to JFK�s head fromtwo directions; and it shows a shower of brain particulate violently sprayed tothe left rear.It is important to note that none of the people who claim to have seen this filmever did so in the presence of any of the others. Nor did they view it in the samegeographic location. Yet their descriptions of what they saw in the film matchidentically. For them, there is no question that the extant Zapruder film is afabrication, part and parcel of a massive cover-up of the assassination of PresidentJohn F. Kennedy.

COMMENT #115 [Permalink]… Plunger said on 5/16/2006 @ 2:34 pm PT…

where is the satellite still image of the Pentagon showing what flew above the lawn?

was their a vehicle on the nearby roadway that launched a missile?

Why no satellite evidence of 9/11?

COMMENT #116 [Permalink]… Big dan said on 5/16/2006 @ 2:36 pm PT…

COMMENT #117 [Permalink]… Brian said on 5/16/2006 @ 2:37 pm PT…


Software Engineer Definition Funny Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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