Proud Deplorable Neanderthal Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Proud Deplorable Neanderthal Shirt, hoodie, tank top

14:45 REGISTER SEX OFFENDER 2104120065Occurred at Clearlake PD on Olympic Dr. Narcotics and 290/ moved back from nev/ no phone number/ no address/ travels to nev at times. Disposition: Log Note Only.

14:52 RESIDENTIAL ALARM 2104120066Occurred at The Lake Bungalow on Lakeshore Dr. JEEP GARAGE MOTION/ RP NOT YET CONTACTED. Disposition: Log Note Only.

15:59 PROPERTY FOUND 2104120067Occurred at Lower Lakeshore on (Unknown Address). Found a passport and ID in Mother in laws room. Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:23 FATALITY 2104120068Occurred on Lasky Av. POS 1144. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.958088 Lon:-122.61806. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Report Taken.

16:30 TICKET SIGN OFF 2104120069Occurred at Clearlake PD on Olympic Dr. 3 tickets. Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:51 PETTY THEFT 2104120071Occurred on Robinson Av. RP STATES THAT HE HAS VIDEO FOOTAGE OF SOMEONE TAKING HIS MAIL/ STATES THAT DAUGHTER OF TENANT STOLE HIS MAIL ON 03/22/2021 AT 1416. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.955604 Lon:-122.64487. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Counseled.

17:13 THREATS MADE 2104120072Occurred at Lakeside Mobile Park on Old Highway 53. STATES A FEMALE IS YELLING AND THREATENING NEIGHBOR/WFA RED HAIR TANK TOP AND LEGGING/ POSS UTI/ MAY HAVE PEPPER SPRAY ON HER/ STATES THAT FEMALE HAS BEEN 602’D FROM THE PROP BUT COULD NOT PROVIDE A NAME OF THE FEMALE. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.957707 Lon:-122.60307. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:59 RECKLESS DRIVING 2104120073Occurred at Lasky Ave/West 40TH. Rpts motorcycles peeling out in the driveway and racing down the street. Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:13 SUSP CIRCS 2104120074Occurred at Twin Oaks Village on Old Highway 53. Rp states that is threatening her and her family / resp is at his resd destroying his own property and RP was very upset about it. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.941817 Lon:-122.63277. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:17 KEEP THE PEACE/CIVIL STANDBY 2104120075Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. Rp would like a civil standby to retrieve her car / rp states that she let a friend borrow it and now the resp is saying that there will be problems if she comes and gets her phone / car is on dam rd at resp resd. Disposition: Log Note Only.


Proud Deplorable Neanderthal Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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