Programming Is Thinking Not Typing Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Programming Is Thinking Not Typing Shirt, hoodie, tank top

MS. GIVHAN: Can you talk a little bit about some of the things that left you in a good position to respond to increased consumer demand? Because I would think that, one, buying a mattress is a big purchase, and it’s something that people typically want to test out. And it’s also something that really it takes a lot of logistics to just get it into their home. So, how were you as a company prepared for all the issues that came up during the shutdown with supply chains, people not working and perhaps wanting a mattress but not really being able to afford one?

MR. KRIM: Yeah. It’s an interesting question, Robin, because you’re hearing every retailer now talk about omnichannel and how they’ve built the infrastructure for omnichannel, and that’s certainly the case for Casper.

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But what’s unique to Casper versus really almost everyone else in the retail industry is that we were built digitally native. We started with a direct-to-consumer foundation, and that’s where our roots continue to lie, which means that we’re very data informed. We used technology to enhance the consumer experience, and we’ve built that omnichannel foundation on a digital platform, which is different than other retailers who have brought the digital side of things into focus lately.

And I think all of that is necessary in today’s retail backdrop because consumers are changing the way they’re shopping. They were forced to through the pandemic with retail shutting down, and consumers are embracing digital–or, in our case, as you mentioned, it’s a high-consideration purchase–so the hybrid of digital and physical as part of their shopping journey. And so, we believe that Casper is best positioned to offer that omnichannel approach for consumers, but really, it’s that being able to traverse the physical world and the digital world while shopping for a really important purchase like your mattress that’s critical, and that’s how we envisioned Casper from the beginning.


Programming Is Thinking Not Typing Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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