Personalized Jesus walking on water Faith over Fear phone case

Personalized Jesus walking on water Faith over Fear phone case

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Personalized Jesus walking on water Faith over Fear phone case

Though they are a popular go-to for playtime with pets, tennis balls can pose a choking hazard and can be too abrasive on a canine’s teeth. Instead, you can make your next game of fetching more exciting and safer with one of the best dog balls. These spherical toys are generally made of tough materials (like rubber or hard plastic) that will be able to withstand your dog’s level of chewing. Choose yours based on your pet’s size and what style of play they enjoy the most. Don’t know what they prefer? The good news is that all of these picks fall under $14 so you test out a few.

Much like choosing a dog bed or harness, a ball also needs to be sized appropriately for your pooch. You’ll find products ranging from 2 inches (slightly larger than a golf ball) up to 10 inches (about the size of a basketball), and as a general rule, the best size for your dog is one that’s small enough for them to comfortably pick up and carry around but large enough so that they can’t fit the entire ball in their mouth and risk swallowing it.

Consider the material that the ball is made out of, especially if your dog is less of a chaser and more of a chewer. Lightweight balls, often constructed with thin rubber or hard plastic, are easy to throw and easy for dogs to carry. Plus, some will bounce and roll on hard surfaces, giving them an element of unpredictability that dogs enjoy. However, if your dog is a heavy chewer, you may want to look for one that made’s with a thicker, more durable material — like heavy-gauge rubber— that can withstand knawing and sharp teeth.

Lastly, think about the type of activity your animal engages with the most. If you’re regularly around water, a ball that floats might be a must-have. For more mental stimulation (or a nice distraction if you’ll be gone for a while), a toy that makes silly sounds or dispenses treats will keep them occupied.


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