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Personalized In loving memory gone but not forgotten phone case

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BroadwayWorld is celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by asking the question, ‘what does being a woman in theatre mean to you?’

Read responses from actresses across the Broadway realm, from newcomers to mothers, and more.

Being a woman in the theater can mean a lot of different things. At this time in my life, it’s more about juggling being a mom of two young kids while still feeling like I’m giving as much as I can, as an artist. Unfortunately it’s impossible to give 100% as a mom, a wife and an artist, so we play the juggling game. One thing that I have learned is that living a full will automatically make you a better, more experienced actor. I also find that the less time in the day that I have to worry about my performance at night, the better I am as a performer. I’m finding that it’s ok not to be so solely focused on career and giving a “perfect” performance. I guess I could apply that last sentence to my roles at home as well!

It means that sometimes I’m a teacher and sometimes a fraud. I’m on the curb one day and the “belle of the ball” the next. A stranger in a new land or the leader of the pack. A dancer, an accidental thief, a wife, a guilty mother, and even a child, but always fighting for my voice. Always searching. And then there are my on-stage characters.

“As wise women [and men] in every culture tell us: The art of life is not controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us.” -Gloria Steinem

On stage, in film, through poetry, on a canvas or in any realm of the creative arts, women are invited… Even encouraged to express our deepest selves. Our emotions, experiences, pain, passions and desires are welcomed and honored when woven into our art form. Theatre has always been the marriage of my personal being expressed while dressed up as my professional. I get to use what has happened to me as a woman and create, heal, grow, teach and share these emotional truths with other women. You can be sure after this wild time in history, women will be returning to the stage in a more amplified voice and heart. And it will be thrilling!

For me, being a woman in the theatre means reflecting on the women in theatre history who came before us. It means celebrating women who have forged their own paths and inspired others. In each of my Untold Stories of Broadway books, I specifically strive to shine light on women who have created meaningful and exciting work on Broadway but have been forgotten. I am forever influenced by the late great Wendy Wasserstein and how she asked questions about women supporting each other, and elevated other women in art in her masterwork, The Heidi Chronicles.

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