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Who ever made that animation needed to join other video games/movies companies that look amazing I like grim dark/cosmic horror. Cuomo getting an Emmy Award for Covid is the most ridiculous thing I can imaging, the mainstream media has been hijacked by insanity ! The end of truth, fact and reality is upon us !

Individuality and the desire to be free are not primitive traits, just the opposite. Greed and the desire to control others are the actual primitive traits/behaviors. What a Frankenstein-like experiment.

The late Stephen Jay Gould wrote that crossing a human with a chimpanzee is theoretically possible and would also be most interesting – but he was unaware of it being attempted and Gould said he would oppose any attempt on ethical grounds. After all, if this succeeded, what rights would the resulting offspring have? Would it be a human or an animal?
I dont think there is one country that has a perfectly ethical history. At the same time, one needs to reflect and recognize why they choose to remain where they are. If an ethical history is high on their priority list, they should make an attempt to move to such a place. But there is nothing that I personally dislike more than people who, for a lack of a better phrase “shit where they eat”. Be proud of your country. Think socialism is better? Give China a try! I love Canada and our neighbors to the south. Im proud and grateful that my parents made the decision to move from the Soviet Union.

Personalized Horror Movie Watching Blanket

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