Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Another commenter could relate to the exact situation of breastfeeding a sister’s child. “When my sisters struggled to nurse and couldn’t figure out if it was the baby or them, they asked me to nurse their little ones,” shared crystallz2000. “I’d never thought about it before, but I tried, so I could help them. But regardless, of whether I had been against the idea, I wouldn’t have made them feel awful for asking me. It was very kind of your sister to offer. People give donor milk to kids all the time.”

Though commenter Prunesandice said, “You can pass illnesses in breast milk. That alone is enough not to do it for me, not the breastfeeding itself,” many people chimed in about the benefits of cross-nursing.

One, davinia3, shared: “The US has radical rates of autoimmune disease compared to other developed countries and breastfeeding is the MAIN area where we just don’t do it – because we force women to make a full income and child rear instead of creating a society that can rely on one income alone.”

In the end, it was NoTechnology9099 who spoke up — for the OP and also all moms — writing, “I think she overstepped by offering. It may not be an uncommon thing for those in her circle to wet nurse for each other but being that you haven’t participated in that before…why would you start now? It’s ok if it weirds you out! I find it odd that you said sometimes when she and her friends are together, they nurse the others older child! Why would that need to happen???”

“I just want to say this because of all the hate and mom shaming that has taken place in the comments! You are doing great, and you have breastfed your baby for an entire year!! That is amazing! You’re not a bad mom for switching to formula. Breastfeeding was really hard for me too and it became a really stressful time for me and my daughter, so I stopped because it was what was right for us. You’re making your decision for you and your baby.

“It sounds like your sister has a different way of raising her kids and that’s ok too. But everyone needs to stop shaming you because you don’t want to participate in it! Could you have said it a little different? Sure. But she probably would have been offended no matter how you declined her services.”

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Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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