Nope Go Back Anti Biden Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Nope Go Back Anti Biden Shirt, hoodie, tank top

What it IS is far less important to me than what it ISN’T.

Contrary to the completely orchestrated mainstream media / government coordinated disinformation campaign that was launched against “Oui The Sheeple” yesterday, during which virtually EVERY talking head read directly from the exact same government provided script, this video clearly demonstrates that NO 757 hit the Pentagon.

Whatever it IS, it was clearly trailing a plume of white smoke:

COMMENT #215 [link]…STOP George said on 5/17/2006 @ 4:10am PT…


757 engines at sea level DO NOT SMOKE. Nor is there a contrail at sea level.

The video camera that shot this footage is no more than six feet above the pavement.

The trees in the distance are no more than are NOT EVER OBSCURED by the object flying in front of those trees.

The distance from the camera to the flying object is likely at least as great as the distance from the flying object back to the trees in the distance.

A 757 is 45′ tall.

The object in the video appears to be flying about 3′ off the deck.

A 757 would have totally obscured the view of the trees in the distance as it passed through the frame.

It didn’t.

The government lied about this video, and every single talking head on the MSM did too.

This video clearly demonstrates what DID NOT HAPPEN.

The Media and the government conspired in the greatest act of deception ever coordinated to defraud the American people yesterday when this video was released and reported upon.

If you want to know what didn’t happen, listen to your government.

Do you really need to know what DID happen in order to demand an end to this coup?


Nope Go Back Anti Biden Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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